Jennifer Aniston’s Life Is Crumbling Due To Fears That She’ll Never Be A Mother

Jennifer Aniston's Life Is Crumbling Due To Fears That She'll Never Be A Mother

Does anyone else think that it’s bizarre that Jennifer Aniston‘s personal life makes the news far more often than her career does? Not only that but Jen does a pretty decent job of hiding out and living below the radar so it’s pretty amazing that her private life is so often speculated on. Ever since splitting from Brad Pitt is seems that the tabloids have wanted Jen to be instantly remarried and chasing after babies without really knowing if those things were at the top of her list.

According to the Sept. 8th print edition of In Touch Weekly Jen recently suffered a miscarriage and is slowly but surely coming to terms with the idea that motherhood simply may not be in the cards for her.  She supposedly is still engaged to Justin Theroux and is crushed by the reality that at 45 she man no longer be able to carry her own child. Do you think that these ongoing stories of Jen either being pregnant or miscarrying have any validity at all? If Jen really wanted a baby then wouldn’t she have moved heaven and earth to have one by now? Read More Here »

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Dumped By Kanye West

It was going to be a really bumpy road for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship after swapping vows back in late May. He considers himself to be up there with the likes of Jesus and Gandhi and Kim just looks good on his arm. She was likely too self absorbed to realize the kind of man that she was marrying and so when you put them together now it’s a real mess. Kim has let it be known that she and Kanye would be trying for a second child immediately after the wedding and according to the Sept. 8th print edition of Life & Style Magazine she is indeed pregnant.

The problem is that this is basically a band aid baby. Kim thought that by getting pregnant Kanye would pay more attention and spend more time with her. She must have forgotten how he spent most of her first pregnancy in France, basically as far from his baby mama as he could get! Anyway, sources now say that these two are so far past the point of fighting that Kanye has actually stopped taking Kim’s calls. Think about that- the hot head actually has run out of things to say!  Now Kim is left wrangling North West and dealing with early pregnancy all on her own. Read More Here »

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale “Taking This One To The Grave” REVIEW

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale "Taking This One To The Grave" REVIEW

“Taking This One To The Grave,” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. We have our weekly review for you below:

Aria, Emily, Hannah, and EzrA are standing outside a house. Hannah is holding back her urge to breakdown. The other three are in shock. Crime scene tape is being put up and cops are everywhere. Aria whispers to EzrA about all the blood they saw and that no one could love through that. Hannah overhears and the tears start flowing. All three of their phones go off in quick succession. It’s a text from A of course. It reads “It’s all your fault.” Hannah loses it and Emily holds her.

Skip to 36 hours prior. Alison is getting hooked up for her lie detector test. The guy administering it explains how it works. The machine knows if your lying based on which part of your brain responds when she answers a question. Sounds simple enough. Holbrook and some other cops are watching through a three way mirror. One of the cops suggest they wait for Tanner. Holbrook gives them a somewhat blank look and turns back to watch the show. First question is she sitting down. Alison says yes. What color is your shirt? white with pink flowers. What is your full name? Alison Lauren DiLaurentis……

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Aprea Insists Her Husband Isn’t A Cheater But Cast Members Disagree

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Aprea Insists Her Husband Isn't A Cheater But Cast Members Disagree

If you’ve tuned in to the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey then you’re already familiar with Teresa Aprea and her twin sister Nicole Napolitano. They were added to the cast to try and breathe new life into the show and instead this seasons’ ratings have plummeted. In a nutshell, nobody really cares very much about them because they aren’t very likable.

Teresa is married to Anthony “Rino” Aprea and while she insists that he worships every step that she takes and would never cheat, it’s not necessarily the truth. According to the Sept. 1st print edition of OK Magazine Rino has indeed stepped out on his wife and in an upcoming episode of RHONJ it’ll be Teresa Giudice that asks the questions regarding the truth of the situation. Of course Nicole will go to bat for her sister and back up whatever she says, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Read More Here »

Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Isn’t Like All of The Rest

Prince Harry's New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Isn't Like All of The Rest

It seems like Prince Harry might really be growing up! Once known as a mischievous party boy with an interchangeable blonde on his arm, the young royal is gravitating towards something different these days. In the past Harry has chosen beauty queen girlfriends that have chosen careers based solely on their looks but not any more. Earlier this summer Harry started seeing Camilla Thurlow, a Scottish-born charity worker.  She is indeed a beauty queen, but Camilla decided that after picking up a crown or two she would find a substantial job.

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Robin Williams Will Could Easily Turn Into A Courtroom Battle

Robin Williams Will Could Easily Turn Into A Courtroom Battle

People have finally adjusted to the idea of Robin Williams no longer gracing this earth and so now is when the real discussions and complications begin. First we heard rumblings about Robin’s actual health at the time of his suicide. We know that he was suffering from early Parkinsons Disease but sources have also believed that the actor may have had a recent cancer diagnosis. While these are the kinds of details that still remain a mystery, one thing is certainly true, there is a lot of money at stake now. Read More Here »

Dina Manzo Threatens To Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Jacqueline Laurito is Rehired

Dina Manzo Threatens To Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Jacqueline Laurito is Rehired

When Bravo execs put a dealBravo on the table to bring back Dina Manzo to The Real Housewives of New Jersey they also agreed to fire fan favorite Jacqueline Laurito. I think many viewers were kind of baffled by that move, especially since Jacqueline was maybe the most relatable of everyone. She takes care of her autistic son and had been very honest about her struggles with him. She also had plastic surgery on camera and allowed the fans to see her looking less than perfect.

Still Bravo believed that Dina would boost ratings especially since her life has changed. She’s no longer married and has a college-aged daughter which means this is a new phase in her life. The problem is that no one seems to care. Dina’s scenes are boring at best so in recent weeks Jacqueline was brought back to the show. Needless to say Dina hasn’t handled her rehiring very well. Read More Here »

Tea Leoni’s Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

Tea Leoni's Fling With Billy Bob Thornton Led To Divorce With David Duchovny

David Duchovny‘s sex addiction and rampant cheating on Tea Leoni has been really well documented. The media went crazy back in 2008 when the rumors about him seemed to be confirmed by a stint in a sex addiction rehab facility. Back then everyone felt bad for Tea who was left alone with the couples’ two kids while David sought out some help. What wasn’t quite as public was the fact that she was hardly an angel herself! Read More Here »

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