Angelina Jolie Admits She Loves Directing More Than Acting

"Unbroken" Photo Call

Angelina Jolie is extremely close to retiring from acting completely, especially since she’s now found a career much more fulfilling to her: directing.

Angelina has been promoting her second directorial effort like there’s no tomorrow, which makes sense – ‘Unbroken‘ [from Universal Studios] is an extremely big-budget studio feature, and it comes with all the expectation and pressure of carrying such a film. And if the film fails, it’s all on Angelina Jolie’s shoulders.

Of course, she knows this, and she’s pulling out all the stops to promote the movie. As such, Angelina and ‘Unbroken’ co-star, Jack O’Connell, cover the latest issue of Du Jour Magazine. However, the interview might be disappointing to anybody who considers themselves a fan of Angelina Jolie as an actress.

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The Vampire Diaries REVIEW Season 6 Episode 8 “Fade Into You”

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8

Here is the review of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 Review “Fade Into You”…

It’s May of 1994 and Jo is lying on the floor bleeding to death with a knife in her stomach. Jo pulls it out. A man call for her. Jo stumbles into a bedroom and sees to children one boy and one girl hiding. Jo goes over to them and tells them they are going to play a little game of hide and seek. The man who I believe is Kai calls out for her again and tells her he won’t kill her if she will come out. Kai goes in the direction of the blood on the floor. Joe is under there with the twins. Kai goes to walk out but then comes back. Kai grabs the bed and is about to pull it up.

Mystic Falls 1994. Kai,gets out of Damon’s car and opens the trunk and yanks Bonnie out of it. Kai lets her know that he drove them all the way to Portland, Oregon. Kai tells her he has been in 1994 for exactly six thousand days. Kai then says today is his favorite day if the year. Bonnie says what day is that. Kai responds that it’s Thanksgiving. Kai wants to cook for her.

Elena is trying to come up the words to tell lain she is a vampire but she can’t seem to decide. Caroline offers to just compel him for her. Caroline also advises her not to rush into telling him the truth just because Damon is back. Jo walks in and tells them that Alaric isn’t coming.

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Zayn Malik Furious At Matt Lauer And Today Show For Drug Comments – Report

The Royal Variety Performance

Zayn Malik is furious that Matt Lauer [via the Today Show] made very public accusations against him regarding drug use. However, if the ‘Today Show’ is making accusations against a world famous singer for taking drugs, then they probably received an excellent tip-off.

That means that either the sources were right and Zayn Malik is in some serious trouble with drug abuse – or someone close to the One Direction camp is purposefully trying to sabotage their careers. Honestly, knowing the music industry, either one is possible.

Either way, both Zayn Malik and his One Direction bandmates are annoyed that these rumors are being spread about him. Matt Lauer straight up asked Zayn’s bandmates, “There have been rumors of substance abuse. What’s going on?”

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American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4, Episode 4 Review

American Horror Story Freak Show Season 4, Episode 4

Here is your review of Season 4 Episode 4 premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Episode 4 below! – See more at: American Horror Story Recaps.

Jimmy goes to 2.0′s house to see the girls. 2.0′s mom assures him that Dot and Bette are free to leave whenever they want. Jimmy ask the girls if that’s true. Bette says they are happy and there is absolutely no reason for them to leave. Dot stays quiet and looks sad. Jimmy gets down at eye level and tells them they need to,come back so they can be with people who care about them. Bette pipes up and tells Jimmy that Dandy is the one who really saved the kids from the killer clown not Jimmy. It slowly begins to dawn on Jimmy just exactly who Dandy really is.

Jimmy says rather calmly to Dot and Bette that they need to come with him now. Dandy says he doesn’t give the orders in his house. Dandy tells Dot he knows she is having mixed feelings because she wants a surgery he would never allow. Jimmy says because he would never cut a girl in half right. Dandy tells him to shut it and stop ruining everything. Dot ask how he knows about the surgery. Dandy tells her he told her there are no secrets. Dot wants to leave. Dandy points out she can’t go without Bette and Bette is in love with him. Ewwwww. Jimmy tells him his mother said they can go whenever they want. Bette tells Dandy she is sorry but she will always pick her sister and that they have to go. Jimmy takes Dot by the hand and walks them out. 2.0 has the look of murder on his face.

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Sons of Anarchy Recap: Season 7 Episode 11 “Suits of Woe”


Here is the recap of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 7 Episode 11 “Suits of Woe”…

Abel is sound asleep. Jax is sitting nearby looking lost.

Gemma is smoking a cigarette and talking to Tara. Gemma lets Tara know she never has and never will put her hands on Abel and then tells her how much she loves him.

Juice is psyching himself up. Repeating a mantra that goes something like once I do this it will all work out.

Chibs is getting dressed after another night of boinking the Sheriff. He is on his way out when he gets the urge to touch her. Chibs is about to kiss her but then remembers who he is and takes off. Althea wakes up.

Wendy is staring off into space.

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Leah Messer Makes Mess of Her Marriage—Pill Popping, Cheating Lead to Divorce

'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer And Family Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Though a month has passed since the big cheating scandal was unveiled when Teen Mom’s Leah Messer’s hubby, Jeremy Calvert, accused her of cheating with an ex via social media, it doesn’t seem time healed any wounds here. Calvert aired the couple’s dirty laundry publicly to embarrass Leah because he was so heartbroken over finding out his wife was cheating on him with the same ex she cheated on her first husband with.

The couple has not officially announced a divorce, but if Leah’s recent tweets are any indication, the big announcement may be right around the corner. Leah Messer tweeted to fans, “Everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers today!” with the hashtags #nervous and #bigdecisions immediately following. The young mother of three went on, “Failure does not mean that you’ll never get what you want, sometimes failure means that you have to fight harder for something better.

Leah wants to retain her marriage, and regrets her mistakes, but she just can’t seem to get her life together. She is so overwhelmed with responsibilities from having three kids, one of whom is disabled, that she self-medicates. When she is not herself, and using drugs to cope, she ends up doing reckless things. She doesn’t think about who it hurts until after the damage is done.

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Kristen Stewart Sworn Off Men Completely – Report

Kristen Stewart Catches A Flight At LAX

Kristen Stewart has had some shitty luck with her romantic life in the past two years, especially after her last breakup with Robert Pattinson. For one thing, she literally just had a nip slip in front of the entire industry [including Rob] during the Hollywood Awards last weekend.

In addition to that, it seems like nobody’s willing to take a chance on her – whether career-wise or girlfriend-wise. She’s not landing big blockbuster or franchise roles anymore, and no A-list celebrity wants to be caught dead dating her.

There were a few rumors about Kristen being a lesbian with her BFF, Alicia Cargile. There were then even more rumors about her possibly dating her Equals co-star, Nicholas Hoult. And although Kristen was spotted with both Nicholas and Alicia quite a few times, everyone just assumed that they were boning – that’s how transparent Kristen’s love life had become.

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George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Planning To Adopt – Report

Newlyweds George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Head Out On Their Honeymoon
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin reportedly want to adopt kids. And because they’re George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, they will probably get what they want.

Women’s Day Magazine was the first to report this story, claiming that George and Amal were planning to adopt a child from a war-torn, third-world country. A source added, “George and Amal want to use an adoption to highlight the plight of orphans in countries like Syria.”

Of course they do. This has nothing to do with the recent spate of reports putting Amal and George in a bad light. I’m sure they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart…

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