Emma Watson’s Amazing HeForShe Speech – VIDEO

Emma Watson’s Pink Pooch Starts Craze

It’s not often we get to tackle topics that entail a deeper level of importance such as violence against women. I know whether or not Harry Styles and Katy Perry are dating is super important, vital, life-changing information, (please note sarcasm) but Emma Watson has delivered an amazing speech before the United Nations.

This speech comes on the heels of several highly publicized cases of domestic abuse. Ray Rice was filmed knocking his former fiance unconscious after an apparent fight on an elevator.

Watson’s involvement may have garnered jokes from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who teased, “I hope you use your magic wand to end violence against women!” However, she delivered a powerful speech and Ban became the “number one” man to sign up for the HeForShe campaign.

So gather ’round and listen to the tale of the time Hermione Granger schooled the world on the need for both men and women join the movement of equality.

The full transcript and video of Emma Watson’s HeForShe Campaign Speech before the United Nations are below…

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Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley Secretly Married ?!

'The Drop' New York Screening

Secret weddings are so en vogue. Thank Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s super-private affair, but give credit to Tom Hardy and his possible secret-wife, Charlotte Riley. According to a rumor, they did it two months ago and have managed to keep it a secret…until now.

The couple have been on-and-off for years, but their switch is usually in the “on” position. Tom has often referred to Charlotte as his wife during interviews in the last few years. The two met on set of a British TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights in 2009. A year later they were engaged and continued the on-and-off game.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 “Time Heist” REVIEW

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 “Time Heist” REVIEW

The Doctor Who Season 8, Episode 5 ″Time Heist,” is below for your enjoyment!

Clara and the Doctor are in her room where she is getting ready for a date with Danny Pink. The Doctor wants her to join him in a adventure that will be amazeaballs. Clara however is set on her date so the Doctor tries to dissuade her with a few of his observations starting with “Why is your face all colored in?” Which quickly moves to “Are you taller?” Clara responds heels. The Doctor then ask if she needs to reach a shelf. Clara simply tells him she is going to be late. The Doctor says for a shelf. Just as they are about to head out the door the phone on the TARDIS rings which of course is a once Ina lifetime occurrence. They argue the points of answering including who it might be. They come up with the woman from a shop that the number was given to. Hmmmm…… Clara is against him answering because if he does a thing will most certainly happen and she will miss her date. Since the Doctor doesn’t want her to go on the date he answers the phone. Read More Here »

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea ‘Booty’ Music Video


Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea joined forces to create a videoBooty,’ which I mistook for a budget phone sex commercial.

It is supposed to be the music video. However, JLo and Iggy snatched up some of Kelly Kapowski’s old swimsuits, a couple boxes of Lee Press On Nails, lip balm, a pack of Misty Ultra Lights, a garden hose and Bubble Yum to create 4 minutes of soft porn circa 1992.

Social media immediately hit the WTF? button on their laptops and blasted the video. Responses ranged from: “[The] music industry is really dead if this is what it takes to sell albums these days,” to “I’d feel less dirty watching porn.”

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Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Talk to Ghosts

Kate Hudson Pregnant ELLE Photos

This spring Kate Hudson shared her thoughts on the Kardashians with In Style – “If someone wants to go get butt implants, then sure, go get butt implants!” On Friday, she upped the ante with an admission that she can feel dead people hanging around.

The ‘Wish I Was Here’ star told Alan Carr on the “Chatty Man Show” that both she and her famous mom, Goldie Hawn, are basically mediums…

It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.

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Harry Styles and Katy Perry Dating to Spite Taylor Swift ?!

Harry Styles Arriving At LAX

Katy Perry is allegedly running her fingers the windswept mane of Harry Styles. According to the rumors running amok, the singers nibbled at Nobu in Los Angeles together in some attempt to revenge-hump Taylor Swift’s ex.

Raise and eyebrow and bust out your monocle in suspicion. They story, per Hollywood Life, goes… “Yes, Katy Perry and Harry Styles had dinner together at Nobu in Malibu late Thursday night. Just the two of them. They seemed happy, smiling and enjoying their dinner and conversation. They arrived separately and left separately. They looked like good friends and did a lot of talking.

Perez also chimed in with photos of the two leaving the sushi joint – separately. None of the images feature the two together at any point, but both parties insist the two were bonding over their mutual distaste of Taylor Swift.

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Brandi Glanville Accuses LeAnn Rimes Of Stalking Her – Leann Going To Brandi’s Tiny Pilates Studio Now

Brandi Glanville Accuses LeAnn Rimes Of Stalking Her - Leann Going To Brandi's Tiny Pilates Studio Now

LeAnn Rimes continues to pretend as though she’s sooo over the whole rumor mill. Woman, you’re starring in a reality show – your career and livelihood DEPENDS on the rumor mill! But what’s even funnier than LeAnn’s refusal to acknowledge her D-list reality star status is her continuing stalking of Brandi Glanville. LeAnn loves to pretend as though she doesn’t care about Brandi, but her actions say otherwise.

So LeAnn apparently started going to a new Pilates studio. She tweeted, “Already sore from Pilates @kikicaldas only did it 3 hrs ago.  #detoxbath & Advil are going to be needed soon LOL.” Read More Here »

Scotland Votes No On Independence Referendum – Queen Elizabeth And Royals Very Happy With Decision

Scotland Votes No On Independence Referendum - Queen Elizabeth And Royals Very Happy With Decision

In a historic turnout, Scotland has voted No in the Independence Referendum today, turning down the option to gain independence for the first time in over 300 years. For the past three centuries, Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom, which also encompass England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. But even with the option of going solo, it seems that most Scottish citizens opted for the security of staying with the UK.

There were obviously a lot of political and economic ramifications of going independent, and Scots like J.K. Rowling were vehemently against it. But there were other celebrities like Andy Murray and Outlander star Sam Heughan who were strong proponents of the ‘Yes’ campaign, but the country did decide for the ‘No’ on a pretty clear majority. Read More Here »

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