Survivor Series 2014 – Five Things That Made it Worthwhile

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Written by Randal

Last night Survivor Series 2014 dawned on us and to be honest, I was not very excited about it. The card just did not have enough going on for me. It seemed like the main even of The Authority versus Team John Cena was contrived and overbooked to death. Whatever the case, I was pleasantly surprised. Here are five things that made the Survivor Series far better than I ever dreamed possible:

1. It was free!

Anytime you get something for free, your expectations come down to more reasonable levels. This was the case last night as I was looking for something to like about it. I found plenty.

2. Triple H finally is out of power.

Though Team Authority lost and Trips and Steph are no longer in “control” you had better believe that Triple H will still be front and center in the spotlight. In this case, I don’t mind so much because it will be for a very good reason…

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‘The Originals’ Review Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

The Originals Review Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot”

Here’s what happened on ‘The Originals’ Season 2 Episode 8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot.” And, here’s what happened on ‘The Original’s Season 2 Episode 3 “Every Mother’s Son.” – See more at Hollywood Hiccups ‘The Originals’ reviews

Klaus still has his brothers chained up. Klaus tells Finn and Kol a story about coming into this world wide eyed and innocent to parents that were supposed to protect them. Klaus admits their parents were failures at even the simplest of task. Klaus tells them that they can have a new future and let go of the past. All,they have to,of,is align with him and Elijah and they will be welcomed with open arms. Klaus tells them if they choose not to a far worse fate is in store for them.

Elijah who is clearly still under Esther’s control in some way tells he would prefer to kill them then to welcoming them into the family. Klaus says they can all be brothers. Finn ask about Rebekah. Finn wonders how she managed to break free from Klaus. Finn says their mother just wants to make them mortal. Finn thinks Rebekah would be interested in that. Elijah tells Finn if he goes near Rebekah it will be to bad for him. Finn lets Elijah know that mommy dearest has been looking for Rebekah and the odds are she will find her any day now. Elijah jerks Finns head down. Klaus pulls him off and takes him to talk. Klaus is freaking out because he is the one having to keep Elijah in check. Exactly you idiot it’s a clue your mom is still screwing with him. Focus up Klaus. Elijah ask Klaus if he knows what in the world would happen if Esther were to find Rebekah and Hope.

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LeAnn Rimes Claims Eddie Cibrian Is Her Soulmate And Divorce Not ‘An Option’

LeAnn Rimes & Family Departing On A Flight At LAX

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are still together, much to the surprise of… well, does anyone even care about these two anymore? Against all odds, their reality show is still running, even though the ratings have been in steady free fall for a few months. However, that hasn’t stopped LeAnn Rimes from giving interview after interview, discussing her relationship with Eddie Cibrian [or lack thereof].

LeAnn claims that they are perfectly fine, and that divorce is ‘not an option’. She explains [via the Daily Mail], “Eddie is my soulmate – he and I completely get each other. We’re opposites – I want to go shopping; he wants to ride dirt bikes – but we bring out the best in each other. Divorce is not an option for us. Obviously if something horrible happened, I would have to take care of myself, but I don’t see that happening.”

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Katherine Heigl Fights Back Against Haters – Calls Herself A ‘Strong Woman’

Katherine Heigl Returns To Her NYC Hotel

You know how there are some people will continue remaining delusional about their status in Hollywood? Well, one such person is clearly Katherine Heigl. Her reputation in Hollywood has been in the gutters for the past few years, ever since rumors of her diva behavior started spreading. It all began with her remarks about Grey’s Anatomy, where she publicly announced that the writing wasn’t up to par and then made a big fuss about being released from her contract.

Sure, she had a brief and successful stint in movies, but in the end, her comments and behavior came back to bite her in the ass.

The word started spreading about how Katherine Heigl was difficult to work with, and how writers and producers didn’t want to keep her at the top of their list anymore. Obviously, that soon landed her on the unofficial Hollywood blacklist, where it took her several years to recover from the ignominy of the humiliation.

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General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review November 17 – November 21, 2014

General Hospital

The General Hospital Recap and Weekly Review November 17 – November 21, 2014 is below for your enjoyment!

Monday- Patrick has Sam and a bunch of kids with him. They go into Kelly’s and they sit the brat pack down while they order milkshakes for all of them. Sam and Patrick discuss Larry Ashton while they are waiting for the shakes. The kids get the milkshakes and while drinking them they talk about Sonny and the deep hole he is in. Spencer becomes upset and all the kids all say they are leaving and then run out of Kelly’s. Sam and Patrick are right behind them.

Michael pays a visit to Sonny asking him to give him the tape that will clear AJ’s name. Sonny tells Michael he can have it. Michael tells him thank you. Carly tells Michael she loves him. Michael tells her she doesn’t know what the word means. He leaves. Carly breaks down.

Larry is chit chatting with Jerry. Alice comes up on him and he pretends to be drunk and confused.

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The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review November 17 – November 21, 2014

young and restless

The Young and The Restless Recap and Weekly Review November 3 – November 7, 2014 is below for your enjoyment! – See more at: Hollywood Hiccups YA Recaps…

Monday-Ben and Billy are trying to figure out where Victoria might be by figuring out where she isn’t. Billy is ticked at Ben for not stepping up when she didn’t show up for there date the previous night. Ben tells Billy his mom had a heart attack. Meanwhile Victoria is having some serious contractions in the closet. Ben and Billy go back to the parking garage and Ben calls her phone. They hear it ringing. They find Victoria. She tells them both that the little one is in the way. Ben calls 911. Billy gets some medical supplies. Billy and Ben work together to help Victoria deliver a little girl.

Chelsea is trying to get Jeff to drop his lawsuit. Jeff tells her at least Adam was clear on who he loved. Chelsea promises a even better deal if he will drop it. Jeff aligns and tells her he will get back to her.

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The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 7 “Crossed”

The Walking Dead REVIEW Season 5, Episode 7 Crossed

Here is your review of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossed”:

Sasha is wielding a axe and whacking a bench in the church. Whatever it takes girl whatever it takes. Daryl and Tyreese are standing off to the side. Tyreese lets Daryl know he should thank his lucky stars he wasn’t around when Bob died. Gabriel ask them if they plan on taking everything. Daryl says they will take whatever they feel they need. While they are Walker proofing the church Rick tells Michonne there is no way he can leave Carl and Judith to head to Atlanta. Michonne tells him she can take this one seeing as how she owes him one. Then Rick changes his mind and decides he will go. He hugs Carl and away they go by they I mean Tyreese, Sasha, Daryl, Noah, and Rick. Michonne, Carl, Judith, and Gabriel are left behind at the church.

Gabriel is walking around the church when he sees a bloodstain on the floor. Gs file tries to scrape it off but it doesn’t come up and then he gets eight shades of OCD. Gabriel spits in his hand and tries to get it off that way.

Tyreese tells Sasha he understands where she is coming from. Sasha tells him she doesn’t want to talk about Bob.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Opens Up About Fiance, Sophie Hunter – Report

Benedict Cumberbatch Leaves His Hotel

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are engaged, much to the chagrin of millions of Cumberbitches everywhere. However, it’s been interesting because Benedict Cumberbatch has always prided himself on keeping his private life separate from his career in the film industry, and he’s been forced to answer question after question about his engagement.

In a very extensive Vogue interview, in a very Benedict Cumberbatch way, he explained, “I sometimes worry about the currency surrounding the furor—the Internet, the teens. I’m careful that it doesn’t obscure other things that I care about.”

He admits that he’s ‘very happy’ with Sophie Hunter and the engagement, but refuses to say anything else. Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch. Forever the tease.

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