David Cook 2011 Album Sneak Peak – VIDEO

I am in love with David Cook. Well at least his voice. The American Idol alum is getting ready to release his next album and we’ve got a sneak peak behind the scenes.

We are still waiting for the title and release date.  But for now, I will be satisfied with this teaser:

Can’t wait to hear this album…. it’s going to be amazing!



  1. Kellie D. says

    I can’t wait for David’s new album! If his first one is anything to go by, this one is going to be fantastic also!! Hope it’s out REAL SOON!!

  2. Britt says

    I’m in love with David Cook too. I tell my boyfriend I’m just in love with his voice, but I gotta say the entire package is hard to deny. Smart, funny, articulate, and such a good person. Not to mention hot as hell! Cook is completely crush-worthy in every way. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the new CD and to get to see David play live again. We went to see him and his band when they came to Charlotte on their last tour and the show was terrific. I liked it because if his amazing voice (and everything else listed above), my BF liked it because David and his whole band really ripped it up on stage. Fun concert.


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