American Idol – Stormi Henley Sucks At Singing, But Gets Golden Ticket Because She’s Hot – VIDEO

Stormi Henley was Miss Teen USA 2009. Good for her. She’s a total knockout. That’s great. But this isn’t a modeling competition here on American Idol. Last time I checked, it was a singing competition.

Anyhow, Steven and Randy were too busy checking out Stormi to notice she can’t sing. Jennifer Lopez was so annoyed and so was I after they gave her a ticket to Hollywood.

Good news: she won’t last long.

If you missed it, now is the time for you to be the judge.



  1. cari says

    The judges this year can’t tell a pretty face from real talent. Seems like any young girl who can slightly carry a tune gets put through. This is why I miss Simon. People like Stormi need someone to tell them in their face that they can’t sing.


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