Brittany Murphy’s Home Hits The Auction Block

Brittany Murphy’s house is officially being auctioned off tomorrow morning at 10:30 am in the courthouse in Pomona, California.  Why?  It’s currently in foreclosure with $4,035,666.92 still owed on it.

Both Brittany and her husband, Simon Monjack died in this house, only months apart…. so, wanting to live in it is something that I’d never be capable of.  I’d be far too creeped out.  Perhaps that’s why it would sell when Brittany’s mom, Sharon Murphy put it on the marker for $7.25 million, it didn’t sell.

If you’re interested, it is 8,000 sq. ft. and sits on 1.29 acres.  Gorgeous?  Yes.  Creepy?  Yes.


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