American Idol: Lee DeWyze ‘Beautiful As You’ Video

Last night Lee DeWyze reminded everyone why he is the reigning American Idol champ.  He can sing.  He can melt you.  He is amazing.  Beautiful As You is currently one of my favorite songs that I just can’t live without.

If you missed it, time to listen:



2 thoughts on “American Idol: Lee DeWyze ‘Beautiful As You’ Video

  1. nikki your so adorable–‘beautiful as you’–yes lee is amazing and can ‘melt you’…he melts my heart when he sings too, especially this song ‘beautiful like you’!!

  2. He is truly amazing!! For anyone who has not listened to his album “Live it Up” it is a must! He is so passionate and love music and performing. If you ever have an opportunity to hear his play live it will change the way you think about music. He will reach inside your soul. When he sings I feel like we are the only people in the room. LOVE his love for music!!

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