NFSW – UNCUT ‘Friends With Benefits’ Trailer (It ROCKS!)

Here is the very naughty Friends With Benefits trailer… completely uncut and full of NSFW humor that will leave you in stitches… as long as you have a real sense of humor. If you just want to see the tamed down one, check it out at this link:

WATCH: New ‘Friends With Benefits’ Trailer

Otherwise, just enjoy! (Make sure the kids are out of the room!)

This one opens in a week!  (July 22nd)



  1. […] This new red-band trailer from Friends with Benefits uses a lot of jokes from the first NSFW teaser that was released a couple of months ago. That’s a good move, because the last thing this movie, which has gotten mostly positive buzz, could do would be to lay all its cards on the table a week before its release date and get the same lukewarm reaction that No Strings Attached did. […]

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