MTV: Kurt Loder “Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester”

MTV News star, Kurt Loder went to the radiowaves this morning calling Michael Jackson a child molester.  During his time on the Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning show, he was asked how he felt about MJ’s death… if it was a tragedy.  His response shocked some people:

“Its a shame how he grew up, his childhood was a shame, there is many sad aspects to his life, on the other hand, I think he was a child molester, and that sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him. Having sleepovers with little boys, and you’re a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You’re like a child molester.  Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood he had, you can see why that might have happened. On the other hand, molesting children is bad.”

Loder even claims that he knows about payouts Michael Jackson gave to parents after molesting their children.  Ewww.  Seriously.

Anyhow, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who agree with Loder.  Do you?

You can listen to the radio interview HERE.


2 thoughts on “MTV: Kurt Loder “Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester”

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