Russell Brand Does The Right Thing

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I found out that Russell Brand will not be taking advantage of his soon-to-be ex-wife, Katy Perry.  The y foolishly did not have a prenup done when they tied the knot, so all the money they made during their marriage would normally be split in the divorced.  Well, Brand is turning down the nice sum of about $20 million that he is “entitled” to from Katy’s big earnings during their short lived marriage.

Yep, he’s really going to walk away with just his own cash.  Nothing that she made.  This is the first time in awhile I am not disgusted by something Russell Brand has done.




  1. Mr John says

    What an idiot. We have seen countless times how men get jacked financially in divorces. Here Brand gets a chance to score one for the men side for once, and he refuses???
    Russell, time to turn in your MAN card.


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