Lindsay Lohan Reclaims Her Red Hair — Has She Won You Back Yet?

Lindsay Lohan Reclaims Her Red Hair -- Has She Won You Back Yet?

Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing everything she possibly can to wiggle her way back into people’s hearts, and this includes going back to her red-hair-ginger ways.

After years and years of dying her hair that horrible platinum blonde color, the actress has finally found her senses and gone back to the color that, I feel, suits her best. She has too many ginger-freckles to be a blonde. The red suits you, Lindsay!

This is breaking news for us not just because of the hair color. It’s evidence that our LiLo is attempting to make a conscious effort to change her ways — any little change, one away from the old, is a step in the positive direction. After her sincere (however, not entirely #winning) performance on Saturday Night LIVE, we realized that the talented actress seems to be trying harder this time to do away with her partying /over-the-top lifestyle for good.

She was spotted wearing her new do yesterday in LA. Supposedly, the last time her hair was anywhere close to this color was way back in 2009, around the time of her Mean Girl Days.

Let us know what you think of LiLo’s new color below!


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