The Kardashian Sisters Are Humiliated By Their Lovers (Photo)

The Kardashian Sisters Are Humiliated By Their Lovers (Photo)

An expose of how Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are humiliated by their lovers is featured on the cover of In Touch this week.  Some people can’t imagine anyone acting worse than the Kardashians but apparently their men do!

Imagine Reggie Bush crudely using Kim for sex and then telling his friends:

“She’s disgusting!”

Can you just see Kim Kardashian begging for sex and then being humiliated as Reggie blows her off?


What about Kourtney and Scott – well supposedly Scott has had it with all the arguing and scandal so he has moved out into his own apartment.  Scott has a history of fooling around on Kourtney so maybe she is better off without him?


Let’s not forget Khloe, although Lamar Odom wishes he could…  Lamar is so disgusted with Khloe and her Kardashian Krap that he refuses to have sex with her and is forcing her to use artificial IVF in order to get pregnant!

The IN TOUCH cover alleges: Secretly reunited with low-key NFL star Reggie Bush — and even promising to give up her reality TV career to elope with him — Kim figured a ring was coming in no time. But clearly, Reggie didn’t share her feelings. As pregnant Kourtney struggles with weight gain, stress and morning sickness, baby daddy Scott Disick isn’t helping her one bit. Khloé used to think her husband, Lamar Odom, shared her dream of having a baby — but no more. Ever since Lamar was traded from the LA Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks — and temporarily demoted to the D-League — Lamar, 32, has blamed Khloé and her fame-seeking family.


8 thoughts on “The Kardashian Sisters Are Humiliated By Their Lovers (Photo)

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    • I do believe The Kardashian sisters have humiliated themselves. I would be so ashamed if they were my daughters. I would be embarrassed if I had raise such rude, self centered ,materialistic women!! Shame on them and their parents!

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