Kim Kardashian Gets New Security To Protect Her Against Haters

Kim Kardashian Gets New Security To Protect Her Against Haters

Kim Kardashian was attacked by a flour bomb while she was posing for pictures at the London Hotel in Hollywood.  Even though Kim, 31, shrugged the attack off at the time she has decided to beef up her security and hire military-trained bodyguards.

NOW has more: A friend says: ‘She already felt vulnerable but this has made things worse.  Her mum Kris has agreed she should increase her security detail for public events.’

What do you think is Kim in danger?  There is no denying she has many haters!



  1. Jerry says

    I think she should beef up her security. Yes there are thousands of people who hate her I for one. but would not physically hurt her because she is not worth time in the slammer She is an egocentrical selfish moraless twit who stops at nothing to get her moment in front of t he camera. She is not a star by any means talentless cant sing cant dance and sure the hell cant dress. The photo of her with the see thru black dress whith her big a$$ there for the whole world to see. The comment that her so called boyfriend made that she should dress more like the Duchess of Cambridge-please the Duchess has more class in her little finger than KK has in her whole body. What a joke. I blast MSN and wonderwall cause everytime you open it up there she is her ugly face and fat a$$. The fact that she sat on national TV and talked about losing her virginity at 14. What female with any type of morals or class would sit and talk about that on national TV-is this a example of what familes would hope to be a positive roll model for their young daughters fot follow. I don’t think so. No class what so ever. The fact that she would spend thousands of dollars on a scam wedding for 72 days is beyond comprehension,
    I hope her ex husband to be takes her for every penny she is worth. She should stop posing in front the of camera in her scannty type ourfits that makes her look cheaper than what she appears( if that is possible). Stop makiing sex tapes and leaking them to the internet to make a penny- cheap trick. (consider the source) Everyone should go to the Wonderwall sometime when her mug shot is on there and just read the comments that people write about her -pages after pages of negative comments. People just wish she would go away and take that ridiculious program Kadashins with her .

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