As The Wedding Approaches, Brad Pitt Humiliates Angelina Jolie

As Wedding Approaches, Brad Pitt Humiliates Angelina Jolie

Poor Angie! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit have only been engaged for about a second and already rumors of trouble in paradise, at least according to this week’s issue of Star Magazine.  Apparently Angelina has found his love letters to another women, gasppppp!  They do not reveal which women, but I bet I can guess :-)

Angelina is already very insecure about other women getting close to Brad and this new shock to her fragile ego could really tip her over.  We have reported previously that although Angelina successfully stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston, she still forbids Brad to have any contact with his ex-wife.

Could this cancel the Brad and Angie wedding?  What do you think, do you believe the story or has the magazine just made it up to sell magazines?


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