Scarlett Johansson Has Serious Cellulite Problems (Photo)

Scarlett Johansson Has Serious Cellulite Problems (Photo)

Scarlett Johansson is just like us, she has cellulite problems.  But, Scarlett says that is not her biggest grip.  She claims that she hates how rude people can be.   She explains that she is flabbergasted by pushy fans who force a camera in her face when she is trying to enjoy a private moment.

But Scarlett thinks that because she is famous it brings out the worst in those around her.  Well if it were up to me I’d leave Scarlett alone – but alas it is not up to me.  Scarlett said: “I’m constantly surprised by how rude people are. You’ll be having an intimate dinner with a friend and there’s somebody on the table behind with a camera-phone pointing at your face. I think, ‘I would never take a photo of someone without asking.’”  Isn’t she just precious?

“I’m not traumatized by it but I find it can bring out the worst in humanity sometimes.” It is amazing that Scarlett thinks that people taking pics and acting nervy is the worst that humanity has to offer.  Is she that stupid – that out of touch?  Probably…



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