Jennifer Aniston Is Done With Justin Theroux And Headed Back To John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston Is Done With Justin Theroux And Headed Back To John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are having their problems – she is jealous of Justin’s continued relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens – and Justin is royally pissed off at Jen’s over-reaction to her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s engagement to Angelina Jolie.  Enter John Mayer

These two split years ago but John went on the record saying his new song, “Shadow Days” is about his love for Jen.  OK! Mag print edition tells the story:

“He has never really gotten over her,” discloses a friend. “When Jen heard he’d written a song about their breakup, she immediately downloaded it and listened – and the tears were rolling down her face. Jen has a lot of wonderful memories from her days with John, and they all came flooding back.”

Upon hearing the song Jen got emotional and texted John saying, “the words in the song are so beautiful” and he reportedly texted her back.  According to one of Jen’s friends, “She is desperate to see John again. She realizes a piece of her heart still belongs to him. They’re sending each other a lot of flirty texts and it’s obvious John still has very deep feelings for her.”

Do you think that Jen and John will hook up?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Jamie says

    Psh..when does John Meyer get over his exes? He dumps them once he starts to develop serious feelings (love) He didn’t get over Jen and he didn’t get over the sex that Jessica Simpson learned from her marriage to Nick Lachey. That’s how she became the “sexual napalm”.


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