Kanye West Tweets Kim Kardashian Nude (Photo)

Kanye West Tweets Kim Kardashian Nude (Photo)

Kim Kardashian must be a happy women this morning after Kanye West tweeted a naked photo of her out to his 5 million Twitter fans!  Now we all know famewhore Kim must be thrilled that he decided to broadcast it to his 5 million fans.  She does seem to do whatever it takes to get publicity now doesn’t she?

Of course Kim would not want anyone to know how happy she was, so she let it be known she freaked out (ya right) when the link popped up and she made Kanye delete the image.  After about 2 billion people copied it LOL… That’s the typical reaction that an over exposed woman would have, right?

What do you think, was the picture Kanye’s doing or did Kimmie know all about it?

Now to add to the drama the naked girl in the pic could in fact be porn star Amia Miley, who tweeted: “im not going 2 argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof? look at the back dimple piercings. kim k doesn’t have those.”

So is it Kimmie or is it Amia???? We want to know!


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