Justin Bieber Tells Bethenny: ‘I’ve Never Had My Heart Broken’

Justin Bieber has said he has never had his heart crushed by another girl. The singer showed up on the Bethenny show, speaking of his relationships, when Bethenny Frankel asked the singer if he ever had his heart broken.

“I think to a small degree [I’ve had heartbreak]… [but] not really,” he told Bethenny, adding: “I think I’m still young… I’m growing, you know? There is only time… Time will tell.”

After Frankel asks him what love to him feels like, the Bieber replies: “What does love feel like? It feels good. If you’re really in love then you should get butterflies. Butterflies and happiness, that’s how I feel anyway,” Bieber told a magazine earlier this month.

Justin recently tweeted out that the paparazzi should respect people more, stating: “Dear paps… golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport… u arent supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. Let me finish the game.”



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