Kate Middleton And Prince William Honeymoon Photos Released, Royal Couple Outraged! (Photos) 0711

Kate Middleton And Prince William Honeymoon Photos Released, Royal Couple Outraged! (Photos) 0711



  1. kristine paula says

    Yes it is an invasion of their privacy but would they expect anything else?? They are famous,rich, royalty,and the future King and Queen of England!! Regarding Kates’ appearance she is beautiful and confident.. that is the problem….no matter what the young woman weighs,wears,eats,drinks,says or does she is under constant scrutiny of the public and the media!! The MOST IMPORTANT thing is if Kate is happy with her body who the hell cares what anyone else thinks???? Not one of us can begin to imagine what it is like to step outside our door and be subjected to the opinions of millions every single day……but Kate does and handles it gracefully exuding great inner strength. The world needs to watch Duchess Kate…not what she wears,not what she weighs,not when she produces an heir to the throne…watch what this beautiful confident woman will accomplish with her loving husband by her side making significant changes in the U.K. and the world in the years to come!!

    • People's Watch says

      kristina paula. Your writing seem positive at first sight, but it is a bunch of bullsh@t coming from a very simple, if not a very retarded mind. You are doing some promotional work for Duchess Catherine by telling Journalist that they are invading their privacy, while telling the whole world that we should worship gentle Duchess according to your own perception. This is such a mean, dangerous and stupid way to express yourself about people you admire (The Royals) who don’t expect anything from you. You should take lessons in becoming real with yourselves to find your own happiness cause you are suffering so much that you invent nice things about people you don’t know (The Royals), to get control of the people who will be reading you as a revenge. We have learned through Lady Diana’s story that what we see about royalty is not forcibly true. We learn every day through the media that what we think about celebrities is not their reality. So, what about not trying to become the star of your own life, so that you don’t have to pollute the web with that failed firework of yours? And if you continue writing, that William and Kathie are the next King and Queen of the world, and that everybody should look at them that way, go and let your head get examined by a shrink.

  2. AnnaR says

    Her body looks weird here because it’s been photoshopped out of reality. Look at her left arm – it looks like it’s made out of play-doh for goodness sake.

  3. Goldengirl says

    Kristina Paula, you must totally out of your mind. To think this woman, the Duchess, looks beautiful and confident is absurd. Kate is 5’10” and all of 120 lbs. This means her body mass falls in the underweight category. Women who are healthy, beautiful, and confident do not suffer from eating disorders. The woman obviously has issues that no one can deny. Get with the program Kristina. Kate is anything but a role model for young women. She drinks, smokes, curses,and has an eating disorder. There is nothing healthy or attractive about her behavior.

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