The Claws Are Out With Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham

The Claws Are Out With Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham

Cat Fight!  The claws are out between Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham.  Although the two use to be best buds, the two are fighting out on the catwalk.  Katie and Victoria stopped being friends a long time before Katie kicked Tom Cruise to the curb and now the two are each hosting a fashion event September 9th during fashion week and of course they both want to be successful.

Katie will be debuting her Holmes & Yang for the first time ever and at the same time Victoria Beckham will be holding her VB show.

Rumor has it Katie is going to use all the hoopla around her split with Tom to get some attention for her new line.  An insider revealed,Katie is definitely hoping to upstage Victoria.  This is her first show and she’s determined to prove that she can pull it off.

You just know that is not going to make Victoria pleased!



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