Selena Gomez Looks Chic In A Maxi Dress As She Heads Out On A Date With Justin Bieber (Photos)

Selena Gomez Looks Chic In A Maxi Dress As She Heads Out On A Date With Justin Bieber (Photos)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez headed out to a show in West Hollywood yesterday for their version of an intimate date.  Selena looked casual chic in a beige maxi dress and boots.  The same cannot be said for Justin who dressed down for the occasion.

Rumor has it that Selena is rethinking her relationship with Justin.  She feels Justin is changing into someone she does not know anymore.  She feels that Justin’s head has gotten a little too big, he is really letting the fame change him.  She also things Justin is trying to get a bad boy image and she is concerned about how far he will go to accomplish that.

The only thing that is stopping Selena from taking a break from Justin is fear of reprisal from his fans.  As we all know Beliebers can be crazy.  She is also nervous that the new “Justin” may expose some of her secrets she does not want known.

This is not really a huge surprise since clearly Selena is much more mature than  Justin.  In the past couple of months Justin has been caught quite a few times behaving like a brat.  What do you think should Selena kick Justin to the curb

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  1. Shannon says

    Honestly, if Selena isn’t happy anymore she should just leave him. They have a right to be happy. Both of them. I’m a Belieber and a Selenator. But I think he is getting a little out of hand. The fame really is going to his head and he has no right to be acting so childish. The bad boy image is something that he seems to want and it’s not him. I used to love Justin, but after hearing the way he talks to Selena, I don’t know about him anymore. I will always be a Belieber. I just don’t support how conceited he has become. He’s being a jerk and that’s not something he wants to be viewed as. It could ruin him.

  2. taketwo says

    My opinion is that their relationship is almost an at end. From the time I first started following their careers I’ve noticed Selena being okay away from Justin. She seems more mature and at ease when she’s traveling abroad and here in the USA. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like Justin has taken Selena for granted and has no problem being close to other girls. It looks like he still has some growing up to do. I hope I’m wrong but that’s the way I see it.


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