Bradley Cooper Terrified Of Going Bald, Gets Hair Loss Treatments

Bradley Cooper Terrified Of Going Bald, Gets Hair Loss Treatments

Last year, Bradley Cooper was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and it may have been the peak of his career. The actor is known for his eyes (they sparkle like the Aegean Sea), his gorgeous bod (carved of stone from a mountain), and his flowing tresses. The man is hot. But Bradley has started worrying that his acting career would be nothing without his looks–specifically his hair–and is willing to do anything to save it. The actor comes from a long line of bald men and is desperate to cheat fate. A source reported to Star Magazine , print edition December 24, 2012, “He comes from a long line of bald guys and has used Propecia for years. Brad’s thrown himself into work and is desperate for an Oscar nod in February, but he’s paranoid about going bald. He thinks it could kill his leading man status.”

The hunk may have a point–his hair is crucial for the comedies he normally does. I don’t think I could wrap my head around a bald Bradley! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and he’s “getting a cutting edge hair loss treatment and taking a  battery of natural supplements–and he’s only washing his hair every three days, with expensive organic shampoos.” Hey, guy’s got to take care of himself! That doesn’t sound too crazy, right? I mean, who wants to use shampoo that is tested on animals and full of chemicals? And supplements, I mean, pregnant women take them! Is it so crazy for a guy to? But apparently it doesn’t end there. “He brought in a special stylist while he films The Hangover Part III and is paying beaucoup bucks for her to sign a confidentiality clause.” Okay, that may be a bit crazy. What’s she going to say? He has the thick hair of a Greek demigod? He conditions with papaya oil and it smells great? I mean, that is a bit much! What do you think of Bradley’s hair phobia?



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