Miley Cyrus Out Of Control With Strippers At Party

Miley Cyrus Out Of Control With Strippers At Party

We don’t think Miley Cyrus is the slut everyone seems to be calling her, but girl knows how to throw a wild party. Last month, the infinitely wealthy child star turned 20 and celebrated in home with friends. She tweeted, “if I don’t get atleast one big booty hoe my friends are officially not my friends anymore!” We can now confirm that her friends got the ex Disney star exactly what she wanted. New photos have surfaced that show Miley grabbing the naked butt of a stripper.

An insider reported that the birthday girl got a lap dance–just what she wished for. No report on how fiance and boyfriend of three years Liam Helmsworth feels about this! But what does all this mean about what the singer/actress is doing with her life? We’ve previously applauded Miley for her big heart–girl is all about rescuing dogs, supporting PETA, and may be off dairy after tweeting about abuse to cows in the dairy industry. All of that screams “kind at heart” to me, but what about her wild party nights?

Miley has been known to wear some edgy outfits, and recently made news after doing a huge crotch grab while performing Billy Idol‘s ‘Rebel Yell‘ during a VH1 Diva’s concert. Is she a true rocker at heart, or just posing in the leather and studs? I just can’t get these spheres of Miley to overlap! What do you think of her new image? She keeps getting more and more anti-Disney…but how far will she go?



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