Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Hook Up In NYC During Custody Meeting

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Hook Up In NYC During Custody Meeting

Katie Holmes shocked the world last June when she filed from divorce from mega star hubby Tom Cruise. The young mom moved to New York City after the split, taking 6-year-old daughter Suri Cruise with her. Since the split, Tom has been in London mostly, filming a string of action movies that, from my vantage point, all seem to have roughly the same plot (Tom Cruise saves the world, disregarding common laws and social norms all the while) and has only seen Suri a handful of times. The millionaire spent Thanksgiving with her, as per the custody plan, but sources claim he wants Christmas! We’ve heard it all–that he is getting her, that he is letting Katie have her, but a new source claims that he and Katie got frisky during a meeting earlier this month!

An insider reported to Star Magazine, print edition December 31, 2012, “They’ve barely talked since she left him in June, and it turns out her physical attraction to him is still strong. Katie continues to think Tom is incredibly sexy–so one thing led to another and led to something that a lot of ex-spouses do when they’re alone together!” I guess it isn’t the most absurd thing–their divorce seemed pretty amicable, as they settled out of court and really fast! And Tom seems to have given up Suri completely, which I’m sure Katie appreciates. What better way to say thank you?

The source explains that Katie is still heartbroken about the now broken family Suri will grow up in. “She kept thinking of giving suir some sense of Christmas normalcy,” by having a joint holiday with Tom, but “it’ll send a confusing message to Suri.” Katie and Tom agreed to a joint holiday in their Colorado vacation home, but “she now thinks it’ll be too awkward to spend Christmas together as a ‘family’ when she and Tom aren’t even together.” This could all be tabloid fodder, but it wouldn’t be the first time exes reuinted! Do you think Katie is lonely and turned to Tom, or is she rocking the single and independent life in NYC?


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