Sneak Peak At New Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville Dishes Dirt

Sneak Peak At New Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville Dishes Dirt

There is no new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and despite all the Christmas festivities going on, I’m feeling pretty bummed about it! Fortunately, we can always count on big mouthed and brutally honest Brandi Glanville to gives us an inside scoop, which will have to be enough until the next new episode on…January 7, 2013! Someone at Bravo is trying to be hurtful on purpose! The new episode is called Vanderpump Rules, which is the name of Lisa Vanderpump‘s spin off series about her restaurant staff. That show premieres immediately after RHOBH. Last episode, we saw Brandi get ruthlessly bullied by some random person, Faye Resnick, who acted like someone died and made her queen of 90210.

Faye kept picking on me. I think she’s doing Kyle’s dirty work!” Brandi confessed to Star Magazine, print edition December 31, 2012. “It was a well thought-out attack. Faye said I should send flowers to Adrienne as a peace offering. I made it very clear that wasn’t going to happen. Lisa agreed, asking why I should do that when no one sent me flowers after Game Night.” For those of you out of the loop, Brandi is on thin ice with Adrienne and Paul Maloof, who are threatening to sue her after she allegedly told lies about their family. Rumor has it, Adrienne said she carried her own children, but actually hired a surrogate so she wouldn’t have to deal with the weight and stretch marks! Talk about mom of the year…

The episode ended with Brandi storming out. “I couldn’t handle any more, so I left before I cried and lost my temper. Tune in next week to watch me turn into a crybaby!” I have so much respect for Brandi–it can’t be easy to stand up to bazillionaires all the time, but she is a crusader of truth. In killer heels! Next episode I expect to see the end of the dinner party and some pretty tearful lunch dates with various pairs of ladies diagnosing Brandi’s behavior. Do you think Brandi needs to learn to shut her mouth, or is this all Kim’s fault? What will you do for the next two weeks until the ladies return?


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