Casper Smart Wants Jennifer Lopez Pregnant ASAP!

Casper Smart Wants Jennifer Lopez Pregnant ASAP!

Word on the street is Casper Smart is desperate to get Jennifer Lopez pregnant.  Casper, Jennifer Lopez‘s current toyboy is not stupid and he knows he has to do something to keep Jennifer around and the money flowing.  He does not want to go back to being a backup dancer, he far prefer to hold the title of, “J-Lo’s toyboy.”  What better way to cement your future than to get Jennifer pregnant?

Casper knows that his future will be secure if a little Casper was on the way, it will keep him on the payroll forever.  The National Enquirer is reporting that, “Casper’s been pushing the baby subject for months, and got real specific when he told her that the only Christmas present he wanted from her was to agree to have his baby.”

Is Jennifer this stupid or desperate? A fool or a fool in love? Can she be all of these? Can Jennifer Lopez ever be taken seriously again if she lets Casper Smart knock her up?

JLo’s been sporting a massive rock on her ring finger and she hasn’t been hiding it, is the next step a baby for the two?




  1. Tom says

    Let’s not say payroll or insecure may be they are going strong. It’s not also she is a fool or desperate because they feel confortable together. They are having more than one year together something should be happened whatever pregnancy marriage or break up(I’m not hoping). They are not 2 kids. Stop talking about money. Money is not life sometimes you have it you are not happy cause you can’t buy happiness. Let her decide the way she feels. Give her a break! I wish them good luck!

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