Jenna Miscavige Hill About To Release Explosive New Tell-All Book About Scientology

Jenna Miscavige Hill About To Release Explosive New Tell-All Book About Scientology

Ooohhh another book I need to get my hands on.  It seems David Miscavige‘s neice is about to blow the lid off Scientology.  Jenna Miscavige Hill used to be a member of the cult, but she got out with her life in 2005.  She said, “I realize every day how lucky I am to have gotten out.”

Her uncle, David Miscavige  in the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion cult so Jenna was close to the top and probably has a lot of dirty little secrets to reveal.

Book synopsis: “In this tell-all memoir, complete with family photographs from her time in the Church, Jenna Miscavige Hill, a prominent critic of Scientology who now helps others leave the organization, offers an insider’s profile of the beliefs, rituals, and secrets of the religion that has captured the fascination of millions, including some of Hollywood’s brightest stars such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.”

Jenna was at the Sea Org, where it was rumored Tom Cruise wanted to ship his daughter Suri Cruise off to.  Jenna will reveal details of what it was like to be a young child at Sea Org.  “Sea Org was run like the Navy: Members wore uniforms and managed all aspects of the church. Married members couldn’t have kids; those who already did sent them to be raised communally,” said Jenna

Jenna went on to explain that she got to see her parents Ron and Blythe Miscavige one hour a day and she thought that was normal.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to get my hands on this book.  Will it really reveal secrets or will it just be a rip-off?  The book hits stores February 5th, 2013.




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