Selena Gomez Goes Topless In New Leaked Photo — Could This Damage Her Career?

Selena Gomez nude

Oh em gee! Selena Gomez naked? Okay, well, she’s naked from the top down only but still, she’s naked and we get to see how big her boobs are. We’re far from impressed. But hey – not all girls are gifted in that area of their body, are they? LOLz. Ms. Gomez must be furious that leaked photos from the set of Spring Breakers have surfaced on the internet today, just weeks before the premiere of the movie itself. 

First of all, that’s just going to give this film soooo much publicity for a start, and secondly, she may even gain some credibility from this – considering that she dared herself to go topless for a movie role, seeing that she usually bored the hell out of us in her family friendly movies. Ewww! To us, this seems like a photo that should have never gotten out – she was probably filming a scene that would have some of her body on display, but not her boobs.

You know how some actors do a scene nude and when you watch the final version, you hardly get to see the boobs – yup, that’s what we think is going on here. Well, sadly someone from the production team just couldn’t help but take a picture of the starlet getting kinky with her co-star Ashley Benson as she licks off some kind of liquid from Gomez’s boobs. Wowza – we’re kinda interested to watch this movie now. Only thing that could have made this better is Vanessa Hudgens joining in.

Hmm, we wonder how Justin Bieber is going to react to these photos once he sees them; will the pic remind him of all the fun times he had with Selena, and maybe even make him run back to her? LOLz. We hope so, because they were a pretty cute couple, and if it means that a boob can make a boy run back to his girlfriend – even it’s only A cup sized – then so be it!

See the uncensored version over here!



  1. Kayla says

    That is not a liquid she is “licking” off. Looks like she is snorting coke off her. Hence the mirror on the bed.

  2. taketwo says

    Duh! You can’t tell the difference between Ashley and Vanessa? Their pictures in bikinis have been all over the internet lately and yet you obviously need to get your eyes checked. Seriously! That’s Vanessa doing blow on the chest of some chick which any body double could have stepped in for Selena since you can’t see her face. My God man use a little common sense.

  3. taxing ashes says

    Die in hell you bastards…their the heroes,older and younger brethren, …the people of our civilization…I hate you….

  4. Fake says

    It’s a stunt double. In the trailer and photo shoots for spring breakers she has pink nailpolish in but not here and she is a bit skinnier than her and selena has bigger boobs

  5. Hm says

    Hmmm…well I just watched that movie. She had on that color bikini. Also, have NONE of you seen what happens to a REAL pair of tits when a girl lies flat on her back? I’ve seen them from every cup size. Hell, my first girlfriend had D cups and when she was flat on her back, they weren’t much bigger than that, because most of the fat in the breast flattens out and goes to the sides. As what happened there. Selena has maybe a middling B cup, that looks to me to be about a middling B on a girl lying flat on her back. Also, to whomever wrote this article, bigger tits aren’t always better, dillhole. You know damn well you’d give your left nut just to STROKE Selena Gomez’s tits, so stop fronting like you’re doing HER a favor by backhandedly saying her tits look nice despite being “only an A,” jackass.

  6. says

    This is I want to marry with cause of Selena has rocked my head and I want this more of anything in this world to share my nakedness with Selena I just can’t stop loving Selena it’s like a dream of mine to become real to start a family with after all my foster father is accept Selena to be his newest daughter in law

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