Justin Bieber Collapses During His Concert – Publicity Stunt?

Justin Bieber Collapses During His Concert - Publicity Stunt?

Justin Bieber had to take a break from his concert at London’s O2 for 15 minutes after collapsing and have difficulty breathing on stage.  He left the stage and reportedly doctors wanted to take Justin to the hospital but he refused and insisted on going back on stage and finishing the concert.

When Justin left his manager Scooter Braun told the audience, “Justin got quite light of breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, he’s backstage with the doctor. ‘They’re telling him that they want him to go see somebody and see what’s going on with his lungs.   He has just told me that if it’s okay with you guys he’s going to come out and finish the show. Alright?”

The Biebs has not been making any friends during his UK tour.  Last week he showed up at one of his concerts two hours late and did not apologize for his tardiness.  The next day he claimed he was only 40 minutes late and it was all technical difficulties.   There have also been reports of tantrums.

Yesterday’s incident is leaving people wondering if the collapse was all a big publicity stunt.  OR, as our friends over at Calvin Blanco are wondering was it a case of too much weed and sizzurp?  Head over to Calvin Blanco to see what he has to say on the topic.


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