Liam Hemsworth Is Now Dating January Jones

Liam Hemsworth Is Now Dating January Jones

It’s no secret that things haven’t been going so well for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and now we may know why. You have already heard about how Liam was said to be kissing January Jones in the back of a car during a pre-Oscars party. Well, it looks like things have gone to the next level with Liam and January. Who could’ve seen that one coming?

According to the latest gossip, Liam has been secretly dating January and what they’ve got has turned into a full-blown relationship. A source said, “Liam is at January’s house all the time. He brings her favorite wine, and they hook up. They have date nights in – they never go out, because they want to keep it a secret.”

The source said, “Miley’s in denial. She is desperate to marry Liam and make the relationship work. Liam is interested in seeing where the relationship with January can go. January is doing her best to keep Liam around.”

What a dirtbag!

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10 thoughts on “Liam Hemsworth Is Now Dating January Jones

    • She may be scum but what is he? After a long engagement it’s so easily for him to hop to the next he should take his time so he won’t be with every girl out there don’t u think?

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  2. What ever you think of Miley NO ONE deserves to be cheated on. Women like January ( if this is true) are the real scum, messing with someone they know is in a relationship and a serious one at that.

  3. Don’t why he gotta jump from one relationship to the next I mean yea Miley has turned into a hoochie but what is he? After a long engagement I mean he is scum too! Then again that’s why most relationships don’t make it too quick to go from first date to let’s move in the next week! Thank gosh I found my mate yrs ago! Lol

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