Isabella Cruise Fed Up With Scientology – Reconnects With Estranged Mother, Nicole Kidman

Isabella Cruise Reconnects With Estranged Mother, Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise must be really unhappy! Last year he lost then-wife, Katie Holmes and daily access to his daughter Suri and now it looks like his older daughter, Isabella Cruise as decided Scientology is not for her either! In recent weeks Isabella’s boyfriend, Eddie Frencher has completely severed ties with the elistest cult and in doing so, Isabella was left with a heavy duty decision of her own. Either she would follow Tom’s lead and shun everyone that leaves Scientology, or she would follow Eddie out the door and that’s exactly what she opted to do.

According to GLOBE, since Isabella is no longer being controlled by Scientology she has also decided to seek out estranged mother, Nicole Kidman. When she and Tom divorced over a decade ago, Tom insisted that the kids live with him and shun Nicole so this reunion has been a very long time in coming.

Supposedly Isabella and Eddie are loving spending time with Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban. Both have gone into the studio with Keith and are interested in actually working with him on a few country songs. I guess once Isabella started to think independently she realized that she really wanted her mother in her life. The fact that they are getting along so well only fuels the fact that they never really should have been separated in the first place! How do you think that control freak Tom is dealing with not being able to control his daughter?  Will he decide to shun her as well? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Laz says:

    If you put a cult before your kids, you need a time out.

    • Caryatid says:

      There’s a lot of stupid spoken about scientology.

      The only ex-scientologists who are shut out are those who raise a big, hateful stink. If Sue or joe just decides not to take more classes or to attend a different church…No problem.

      As for people who scream and insult the religion and try to make every scientologist out to be some kind of monster or fool….who wants that kind of obnoxious ass at a party anyway?

      • Johnbuoy says:

        I’d rather have “that kind of obnoxious ass at a party” than a practicing Scientologist, thank you very much. Personally, I don’t believe in any type of invisible friend, but one who flies around in space and dangles the offer of your own, personal planet, especially disinterests me.

        • Madam X says:

          Agreed! The thing about being an ex-scientologist at a party (aka ass) is that it is seriously awkward to talk about these days. What fools! So happy for Isabella. Who the hell do they think they are, or does Tom think he is, to separate children from their mother? Cruise is the ass.

      • drdebo says:

        Not true i.e. lie

  2. lukenbandit says:

    Praise God for Eddie and Isabella finally seeing the light of a dark dark place. Under their rules, Tom is suppose to shun Katie AND SURI, and now Eddie and Isabella but he hasn’t and they force the ones below the upper echelon to SHUN SHUN SHUN. Eddie, Isabella, Connor, Suri, Katie, Nicole, Keith and family keep your eyes on Jesus! He will get you through this!! He loves you so much! God bless you all.

    • Thom says:

      Praise God? That is what got all of them into this in the first place. Religion is for the weak. Accept that there is no one who forgives everything you do wrong and maybe people will live better lives.

      • Ice says:

        How can you even began to call this a religion? The idol they pray to is a dead science fiction author! Good lord read your facts before you start flapping your jaws!

        • Johnnyboy says:

          As opposed to what? Stories from bronze age Palestine, passed on by oral tradition, until maybe eventually written down by very few who had a command of the written word? You’re right. Way more credible source.

        • joann says:

          Ron hubbard was also a pedophile. Tom cruise is a mindless moran who cannot think for himself. He may have been handsome at one time but we now know he is brainless.

          • Johnbuoy says:

            Do be careful- when you misspell “moron”, you give people what might be a wrong impression.

        • Court says:

          No one prays to or worships L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology. This is the same mindless banter that Catholics hear when it comes to “worshiping” Mary. Catholics don’t worship Mary but honor her as the mother of Jesus Christ. Prejudice in religion is nothing new. It’s the uninformed spewing propaganda and poorly formed opinions based on what??? Oh, the media and what it portrays. Because if it’s on “” it must be true….seriously?

    • doobi says:

      That’s just trading one cult for another. You are as bad as each other.

    • Moshe says:

      Don’t praise Jesus. jesus is a false Messiah, the son of a prostitute.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      So good to see this young woman have her Eyes OPENED to the Truth that
      Scientology IS NOT FOR Anyone! Such an ugly CULT!
      I pray Isabella Believes the TRUTH: that
      Jesus Christ Died for her Sins (and Everyone’s too) was Buried
      and Rose Again the Third Day!
      This is the Truth! This is the Good News for All
      who Seek Salvation of their Soul!!
      Always good to See someone Come to their Senses and

    • drdebo says:

      Christian religion is similar to this cult- although scientology doesn’t claim a god- which prevents it from being a religion- its a philosophy- or rather psychology- which is absurd and based on sociopathy. But BOTH are just as bad as each other- because they require delusional mind sets and “programs” people to believe their particular dogma.

  3. vivi says:

    freedom may god be with you

  4. Sierra says:

    Tom Cruise is a moron. With all his money and looks, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

    Scientology was begun by L. Ron Hubbard – he was friends with Aleister Crowley (Research that name). Crowley was a satanist, bragged about sacraficing babies to satan, was a pedophile, drug addict and just a really messed up person.

    Birds of a feather flock togeather.

    Jesus is Lord and y’all better get right with God cause with all the signs we are nearing the end times. Not saying it’s coming tomorrow or next week, next month – but glad for Isabella. Nicole better watch out for Suri, cause I have a feeling Tom or the Scientology Cult is not above kidnapping Suri.

    What anyone sees in Mr. Cruise is beyond me, after seeing him jump around on Oprah’s couch, totally turned me off to him.

    • Marc says:

      Jesus is Lord and y’all better get right with God cause with all the signs we are nearing the end times. Not saying it’s coming tomorrow or next week, next month – but glad for issabella
      How long have you been in a dooms day cult? what you say here sounds just as bad as scientotology.

    • Moshe says:

      There is only one G-d and it is not the false Messiah named Jesus whose mothered played the whore with carpenters. Christianity is an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating religion that is against G-d.

      • lINDA says:


      • joann says:

        And who is this only one God that you believe in. L.ron hubbard?

      • ant says:

        christianity is not anti semetic and true christians respect Judaism because Jesus was born jewish. you’re a moron. Mother Mary was married to Joseph and according to our bible she became pregnant through immaculate conception. How does that make her a whore? I rather be christian/catholic than in a weird cult like scientology who’s leader was a lose scifi author pedophile piece of SHIT

    • Rick Sanboni says:

      Mental midgets. May their “church” crumble into dust.

  5. Libertine says:

    Crowley though Hubbard was an idiot . Hubbard was connected to Crowley through Jack Parsons whom he performed rituals with. Scientology is not about anything Christian and both the devil and Christ are Christian constructs. Therefore it is not devil worship. Neither is scientology based on Crowley’s ideas. Scientology is however an organisation which violates the civil rights of its members and bankrupts them. It is far more inciduous than devil worship as it actually ruins lives.

  6. Karie says:

    Well done Isabella for following your heart. Lovely to hear you have reunited with your Mother.

  7. Sage says:

    Who really cares what Tom thinks, control freaks like him are over, way over!

  8. Jan says:

    I am glad that a daughter and mother are being re-united – Nobody has a right, (except where physical and/or mental harm is being imposed on a child) to seperate families. Scientology in my opinion is a cultish group and presented as a so called religion. However I think it that entraps the minds of the people that join it through various courses/methods. Perhaps what is now happening with Tom Cruise’s family will bring Tom himself to his senses and he will leave this cult. Why would anyone want to worship a dead science fiction author anyway. People who join this group and part with their money need to think – unfortunately I suspect like a lot of cults/sects free thinking and questions that threaten to expose real roots are surpressed. I have heard and read of many people being parted with fortunes and even left destitute through scientology — There should be a full enquiry as to wether people were made to part with their money through legal means or were co-erced – I f co-erced and I suspect it is co-ercion – then this is stealing and appropriate sentences should be handed out to those that did it – especially if they made somebody sign something that perhaps the didn’t understand or fully comprehend. Anyway I hope scientology becomes fully exposed for what it truly is in a way that will make people at least think about what they may be getting into before joining it.

  9. jt says:

    seriously, what is the difference between a religion and a cult?

    • cp says:

      The difference between a religion and a cult lies in how families are treated. A healthy religious environment strengthens family ties, encourages family bonds, while a cult seeks to destroy that bond and keep a family’s influence away, as the cult is the only influence allowed. Religions are open to the community, cults keep non-believers out and promote members to cut off ties with their families too. Religions promote an ideology, cults demand belief. Tom’s “religion” forced members to shun non-believers and sought to separate families. In cults the leaders have sole power over members lives and decisions.

  10. Linsey C says:

    To differ from previous comments, I wont bash someone else’s beliefs. It isn’t our place to decide what is right to believe in. We all think our beliefs are the right one’s. Just like all of us are different….our beliefs are too. I think the most important thing here is that mother and daughter are reunited…..not what the poor girl believes in.

  11. mary ellen says:

    It is a cult religion. God is good. Jesus is Love & Mercy not condemnation, Good for them to realize that this religion is not from God but from humans. Maybe Tom Cruise will someday get saved by Jesus love and mercy. Amen & Amen.

  12. Devorah Aikman says:

    My prayer is for both families to receive the Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, along with the true Word of God, forgive each other for past mistakes, Lord knows we all have made them and to nurture an atmosphere of love and grace for their own peace and for the good of their children. God bless them all.

  13. Nannasheart_5 says:

    Praise God!! Oh the house he is preparing and will be for all those that seek Him. It pleases my heart to know that Nicole is as kind as I have expected her to be. Keith has such a gentle nature. I pray for Gods grace for them as they enter a new journey in their lives. God Bless you all.

  14. Ruby Leuty says:

    Good for Isabella. She should have the love of both parents though and maybe one day someone will see that family is what matters and not which church they go to. Religion is another whole story and that’s up to the individual to seek out their truth which comes throuh study and prayer.

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