11 thoughts on “Jennifer_lopez_plastic_Surgery

  1. Does it really matter? Most all celebrities are doing something to fight “aging”. To each her own. Shame American people put so much emphasis on OUTWARD appearance. Just Saying….

    • She was just perfect! Hey even I was lookin great till around 52, n I don’t spend $500,000 on my looks every year like I read JLo does! She is wayyyy to young n gorgeous to be messin with her perfect face, well it was perfect I guess, before she did whatever she just did…

  2. If I had the money I’d have full overhaul. Why should anyone criticize someone who wants to look young I bet there is a lot of women who in their hearts hidden would love to look a little younger.but is too pricey.but I don’t think because someone does it ,that’s not for people to criticize.I’m a plastic surgeons dream!!!!! Brenda

  3. She definitely had surgery to look less Hispanic. Look at her when she was one of the Fly Girl dancers on In Living Color and now.

  4. If you have the money why not want to be young and feel sexy go head Jen far as a young man she might need a young man to put a smile on her face she can always go back to someone her age enjoy while you can

    • She looked GREAT!!!! She already looked 20 yrs younger!!! Why do people under 50 yo mess w their still wonderful faces???

  5. I m 55 now, n still I don’t look it, but a bit of plastic surgery on my face n body would be nice, I don’t have the $. But I still attract younger men! Now whatever Kris Jenner has had done has made her look great, not weird! N she is 58, n gorgeous!

  6. Its just fillers. they fade away within 6 months to 2 years depending upon what was used. my guess is she used Voluma the newest type of filler, which can last up to 2 years.

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