Brandi Glanville Confronts Kyle Richards about Her Husband Mauricio Umansky’s Inappropriate Behavior

Brandi Glanville Confronts Kyle Richards about Her Husband Mauricio Umansky’s Inappropriate Behavior

The ladies from The Real Housewive’s of Beverly Hill’s are pretty funny. If you’ve watched the show for any length of time then you already know that there are topics that often go unaddressed- like Taylor Armstrong’s bad parenting or Kim Richards drug abuse. Even as things unfold onscreen the ladies all just look at each other tight lipped.

Lately the most recent elephant in the room has involved Kyle Richard’s husband, Mauricio Umansky.  The guy is hot and knows it and is rumored to be a real horndog. Several women have come forward with stories of Mauricio propositioning them while his wife is in the next room!  According to the June 17th print edition of In Touch, Brandi Glanville decided to spill the beans during a recent fight with Kyle.

RHOBH is currently filming its’ fourth season and Brandi got tired of Kyle acting like a 15-year old mean girl and so she swung back mentioning Mauricio’s numerous infidelities that are common knowledge to everyone but Kyle it seems. Kyle completely lost her mind because Bravo’s cameras kept rolling and caught the whole thing.  She even went so far as to threaten to quit the show if the footage wasn’t pulled. Obviously dealing with reality isn’t Kyle’s super power, now is it?

Do you believe the rumors? We see Mauricio flirt on camera, do you think he’s one of those guys that everyone knows about but keeps their mouth shut? Do you think Kyle knows what he does but needs to stay in a stae of denial?  If so are you glad to see good ole Brandi table the conversation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. CHAZ says

    This horrible woman needs to go away far far away. And STFO already. Your husband left u. Get over it already

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