The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are at War

The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are at War

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were happily sharing their lives together, just living in the moment until it all came to an abrupt ending last spring. They- or their PR people wanted us to believe that they were still very best friends in spite of their love affair ending. Of course that is a pile of crap and according to the July 1st print edition of Star Magazine the former couple can barely stand the sight of one another.

They are forced together for personal appearances to promote the upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries and it hasn’t been going well at all. They barely make eye contact and when Nina gets upset, Ian starts making mean comments towards her. It has been pretty clear these last few months that Nina was still invested in the relationship when Ian decided the grass was greener. Sure the press has said Nina wasn’t ready to commit but that has been Nina’s friend’s trying to make her look a little better than the situation has really left her.

Producers of The Vampire Diaries are now worried that maybe this former couples drama will spill over into the work place one filming of the hit series begins again? Do you think that Ian and Nina can keep things professional and continue working together? Or will the environment be so awkward that someone will have to leave? Did you think they really were able to get past the hurt so quickly even when their jobs have kind of depended on it?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Jacy Jones says

    If they are true pro actors, then, just like Michael C. Hall and his former wife who plays his sister on “Dexter”, they will be able to keep the “pretend” sparks going – in fact, they can even turn that anger into “passion” on the T.V. series, which I love (and my son has been on as an extra several times – go J….!).

  2. Jama says

    they wrote Damon an out already. hope they don’t have to use it because I’ve been rooting for them. but its there.

  3. Candy Reaid says

    I think both of these fine actors are professionals and can keep work and personal lives seperate. And if they are unable to do that, and it could be very, very difficult, one of them may just lose a full time gig on their show. That, in turn could open a whole nother world of offers for that person…….. Good luck to both of them. After a couple of years together, it must be hard on them to lose a life together.

    • Lin says

      Lets not forget the are still people. They feel like the rest of us and need time to get through things.
      Good Luck to both of them

  4. lakaylah says

    I think they can keep professional.They could work things out and get back together .They are a cute couple they make me so happy to see them.

  5. TryThinking says

    Doesn’t matter if you work together on a hit TV show or the post office – it is NEVER a good idea to @&%$ where you eat. It always ends badly…

  6. Nittie says

    I think they are adults and will work it out, and you cant choice who you fall in love with. So keep the ugly comments to yourselfs.

  7. Gabi says

    The people on here must be really young, one to the commenter who compared Michael C. Hall and his ex-wife playing brother and sister is hardly the same as two people who play romantic love interest.

    To the people saying if they’re professional they’ll work it out, I’m sure if they were involved with someone they worked with and it was messy break up they would just show up at work like everything was a okay, get real they’re human beings just like everyone else.

    The type of job or career a person has is irrelavant, they have contracts just like people in other professions who have contracts for their jobs expecting them to just get along because they’re “ACTORS” is ridiculous. When people break up part of what helps with the healing process is not being around the other person.

    Yes there are actors who don’t like each other and work well together on screen even in romantic situations but a romantic relationship is different than two co-workers not getting along.

  8. Sharonasharon says

    They better not write LAN out i mean seriously deal with it ,keep your shit together on the set and when u go home u can cry if u want to.

  9. Virginia says

    If they loved each other they will forgive and forget. I work with the love of my life and its been 14 yrs. now its challenging but we are professional.

  10. grammar is great says

    The first sentence has a typo. It should be THEIR lives together….I thought journalists were supposed to be good at homophones…

  11. says

    they better get over it. They are suppose to be professionals and they should act accordingly at work. IThey are not the first couple that work and dated and it didn’t last. If not, let her go, keep IAN. but if it’s true he shouldnt be making remarks about her either. Keep it professional.

  12. Trinity says

    I think that Nina and Ian can do it I have seen it happen lots of times before. They make a very cute and hot couple and I am very sure they can work things out. I’m also sure that they will get back together.

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