The Jackson Family Blames Everyone But Themselves for Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt

The Jackson Family Blames Everyone But Themselves for Paris' Suicide Attempt

It’s pretty obvious the Jackson Family have a long history of keeping secrets and pretending that everything is fabulous.  Seriously, half of Michael Jackson‘s life was swept under the rug or completely ignored because this family is fabulous at denying what is unfolding right in front of their faces.  The way that they are handling Paris Jackson‘s recent suicide attempt proves that they’ve obviously done nothing to change how they deal with things.

According to the July 15th print edition of GLOBE, the family continues to fight and add pressure to the fragile girl who apparently has been cutting herself for a very long time. As a whole they continue to blame music, the internet and bullying for her downward spiral.

All of this  passing the buck has made it impossible for Paris to feel like there’s anyone in the family that she can turn to. As she continues to get help inpatient Debbie Rowe, Paris’ biological mom is contemplating filing for custody.  Katherine Jackson still has physical custody of her but a battle could easily be right around the corner for this family once Paris is released back out into the real world.

Sources say that if the family had paid attention then they would have noticed the scars from self injury all up and down Paris’ arms. At this point would she be better off living with Debbie Rowe? She is far from Hollywood and I’d imagine that her ranch probably would provide quite a bit of peace for a girl that needs to heal many childhood traumas.  No one seems to make it out sane if raised by the Jackson family. Think about it. At best they have huge financial problems and at worse they live to make headlines! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: KM/FAMEFLYNET

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  1. Princess says

    The last thing Paris needs is to be isolated with Debbie Rowe where she can’t learn proper social skills. Paris needs to be taught how to be properly acclimated into her lifestyle. Maybe an all girls boarding school is the answer. Or of course, Diana Ross.

    • Claudia says

      I agree with the comment made above by Princess! And I totally agree with this article! The Jackson family need to start paying attention to her! Somebody had to seen her cuts!! They just ignored it and continue to ignore her issues and blames everything else but themselves! They’re partly at fault! And who has been visiting her at the hospital?! Katherine, Latoya, and Prince visited Paris once and that’s it! The one that continues to visit her constantly is Debbie! Shameful! Overal I hope she gets better!

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