Emma Watson Engaged And Ready To Marry College Boyfriend, Will Adamowicz?

Emma Watson Engaged And Ready To Marry College Boyfriend, Will Adamowicz?

Emma Watson engaged? Could the Harry Potter star be ready to marry her longtime college boyfriend, Will Adamowicz after just two years of dating? According to a new report from Star Magazine, the answers to both those questions are yes.

A source tells Star, “Emma feels ready to take the next step. Emma is only 23, but she has an old soul.”

Emma and Will met at Oxford University in 2011, where Emma was doing a transfer year. She is now back in Brown to complete her final year of college, and if rumors hold true, then she’ll be married by the end of next year. A source explains, “Will is shy about buying a ring, because he doesn’t have a big budget. But Emma is a simple girl and doesn’t want a huge diamond.”

The source is Star Magazine, so I would take all of this with a grain of salt. However, Emma did always strike me as the type of person who would love to be in a long and committed relationship, and then get married after a couple of years. Her relationship with Will is one of her longest relationships yet, and you have to admire her for keeping it so quiet in the face of the public attention and media frenzy surrounding her life.

So what do you think? True or false? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Chris says

    Like you said, it was Star Magazine. Plus Emma has a very select group of friends whom she has known for years, I highly doubt they would betray her and tell that kind of information to anyone…let alone Star Magazine

  2. Chris says

    Like you said, this is from Star Magazine…which sits right next to UFO sightings and Doomsday prophecies at the convenient store. Screw the pinch and grab a pound lol. Besides, Emma has chosen her friends very carefully over the years, do you really think one of her friends would give that information?

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