Carole Middleton And Camilla Bowles-Parker Are At “Each Other’s Throats”

Carole Middleton And Camilla Bowles-Parker Are At ‘Each Other’s Throats’

Well, the Camilla Bowles-Parker and the Middleton family feud continues. The latest story from Star Magazine states that Camilla and Carole Middleton have never gotten along, but their animosity has ‘ramped up’ since Kate Middleton got pregnant.

A source explains, “Camilla and Carole have never liked each other, but the animosity between them has ramped up since Kate got pregnant. Both think they have the greater right to be prime grandparent for the baby, and it’s led to gigantic fights – often in front of Kate! Camilla thinks Carole is tacky and common. She thinks that if Carole influences the baby it will end up picking up her terrible habits…”

Apparently, the royal family is very ‘embarrassed’ about the way Carole’s been conducting herself lately, especially because she uses their name to get special treatment. Of course, the source also adds that Carole ‘is well aware of Camilla’s snobbery toward her but says she finds it rich that Camilla, who cheated on her husband with Prince Charles, thinks she would be a good role model.’

Well, this feud will never end, and it’s pretty obvious why. The royals will continue thinking Carole is just some commoner who’s using her daughter to ingratiate herself in the royal society, whereas Carole will continue thinking that Camilla is a lying, cheating snobby poser. What do you guys think of this feud?

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  1. paula k says

    Camille is a nasty horse faced marriage destroying beast. Not related to William by blood. She needs to piss off!

  2. Carol says

    Carole Middleton is the blood relative to George (grandparent ) Camilla has nothing to do with him , Camila done wrong to princess Diana if she had of stayed away and let prince Charls and Diana alone Diana would of still been here she chose to marry someone else ,if she had really loved Charles at the beginning of there relationship she would of waited for him but she chose not too , the people of England should not accept her I never will

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