Alexander Skarsgard Full Naked Scene in True Blood Finale An Audition For 50 Shades Of Grey?

Alexander Skarsgard Full Naked Scene in True Blood Finale An Audition For 50 Shades Of Grey?

There’s some strange rumblings going around after everyone watched True Blood Season Finale. Instead of mourning or even showing some concern for the characters at the end; all the fans can talk about is Alexander Skarsgard’s full nudity scene. Was it that good? Oh YES!!!

He went full Monty and now the fans are clamoring for more. They want him to be the new Christian Grey from the infamous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Have to say he would be perfect for the role but if only he was younger. Not that he’ll look like a perverted old man. It’s just the character is closer to thirty than forty.

If they were to cast Alex and then have his sexual protégé look like fresh faced teenager that could prove to be awkward. Especially to the moms that read their mommy porn yet don’t want to imagine their husbands cheating with the babysitter. If you think that’s not where their mindset will go then you obviously don’t know women. Fantasy can only be interesting when it takes people away from reality instead of into their nightmares.

I’m just saying. Love Alex but still hoping Ian Somerhalder. He would be a perfect Christian Grey.

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  1. Tracy says

    What you fail to remember is Ian is also in his thirties 35 to be exact and Alexander is 37 not really much of an age difference, I think both men would be awesome at playing Christian! Both Re favorites in their respective tv shows.

  2. Brea Davis says

    Alexander Skarsgard was made for C.G. role. The way he carries himself, moves, speaks, everything about him bleeds 50 Shades!

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