Tim McGraw Involved In a Gay Scandal – Should Faith Hill Be Worried

Tim McGraw Involved In a Gay Scandal - Should Faith Hill Be Worried

For some reason Tim McGraw has a gay scandal hidden somewhere and it was the National Enquirer that founded it. Is the story truly believable? Not so much but we should still look into the matter.

Tim McGraw has always seemed like a man’s man to me and yet what would be a more perfect cover than to come off super mucho and then eye up your friends in a  lascivious manner the moment you can. I’ve heard of being friendly in the communal showers but romping with naked men does add a whole new set of questions. Whenever the word romp is used I pictured jumping on each other and maybe slight wrestling. Now imagine that done in a group of naked man. It’s not as innocent anymore.

For all we know the “Bizarre Sex Games” the magazine alluded to could have started out as an innocent game of touch football. Before you know it could have ended up more touching less football. Everything is suspect now and my sympathy goes to Faith Hill.

There’s never smoke without a fire. She’ll be looking into all of his male bonding trips he’s taken over the years and I wouldn’t be surprised if a security was installed on his tour bus. Rather safe than sorry!



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