Taylor Swift And Brenton Thwaites Flirting, Will They Start Dating Soon?

Taylor Swift And Brenton Thwaites Flirting, Will They Start Dating Soon?

Taylor Swift has found her next victim. Sorry, I meant she’s found her next boyfriend. Taylor and Australian actor Brenton Thwaites were spotted chatting and flirting at a private party held at the Soho House in Toronto last weekend. Both Brenton and Taylor were there for the Toronto International film festival, and sparks just flew.

A source tells US Weekly, “[They were] making each other laugh. [Brenton] had his arm around her back. She touched his leg a few times. They seemed very into each other.”

But for once, Taylor better watch out. It seems as though Brenton has an extremely vindictive ex-girlfriend, who has been re-posting all sorts of horrible fan comments online. One comment she posted from a fan read, “Yeah, everyone’s freaking out about it. I guess Brenton and Taylor had dinner last night after an event. But f**k that, I like him better with you.”

Hmm.. well, Taylor’s fans will no doubt come to the rescue, as always. Besides, Taylor and Brenton were just flirting, and while they may certainly go on more dates and start going out, it’s still very early stages – which in Taylor years, means they’re already past meeting the family.

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  1. xxtha1nonlyxx says

    People are so quick to condemn this girl. Isn’t it possible these fast a$$ boys don’t stick around because she is classy and has self respect and doesn’t drop her panties for some lames? Not saying she’s a virgin but I don’t think she put out for ALL these men. She is a vintage soul living in a fast paced modern world.. Don’t judge until you have been in her bedroom.. Unless of course, you are just assuming her actions imitate your own? Have you never dated someone without sleeping with them in the first couple months?

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