Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Going Broke – STAR Cover

Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Going Broke - STAR Cover

According to the latest issue of Star Magazine’s cover, Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are going broke. The report alleges that their $18 million fortune is completely gone, and friends apparently ‘fear their marriage won’t survive’.

The report alleges that Tori has turned to her estranged mother to $50,000, and both Tori and Dean have decided to sell their homes at a huge loss.

Ok, first of all – $50,000 is literally like dropping pennies in a bucket for celebrities like Tori and Dean. That’s not going to help them get out of their monetary slump at all, considering their lifestyles probably require at least several million. And then when you look at the state of their careers, it makes complete sense why both Tori and Dean are broke.

There’s also the fact that they have four children and not a very stable way to support them, and it all turns out to be just sad. This is why most celebrities – and really, most people in general – need to learn to manage their money better, and look at contingency plans in case their careers go down the proverbial shithole.

Star also has a story about Jennifer Aniston throwing a diva fit, Khloe Kardashian going on drugs to ‘kill the pain’ from her relationship troubles with Lamar Odom, and Hayden Panettiere possibly cheating on her boyfriend with her married c0-star. So basically, the usual Hollywood news.

What do you guys think about Tori and Dean going broke? Do you believe the story? And what do you think about the other reports? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. toot_sweet2 says

    First of all, dear readers, Tori and Candy made up a long time ago…do you people never watch her shows?? ?? She has an income and so does Dean though his is not as great as hers. But who cares? They are fine and their little kiddies are fine…that is all that counts.

  2. bobby chavala says

    I felt bad about them, if I created celebrity debts, where I can help people like Tori get their money back. If you owe money like debts, pay your mortgage or being duped. Will pay it off and get your money back. That’s what I want to do for Tori Spelling is help her to get her money back.

  3. candy says

    Who cares her mother cant take it with her, it will be hers and brothers someday soTHINK THEY WILL BE JUST FINE ANYWAY ,if you have kids ,you always have back up plans in place so I am sure just a way to make cash with this story,TORI AND DEAN LOVE YOU AND YOUR SHOW HOPE YOU ARE DOING OKAY ,CANT ALWAYS BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ COMING OUT OF HOLLYWOOD

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