Kourtney Kardashian Insults Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Skills (PHOTO)

Kourtney Kardashian Insults Kim Kardashian's Parenting Skills (PHOTO)

The latest issue of Life & Style Magazine deals with feud between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Since Kourtney usually stays out of the family histrionics, this should definitely pique most people’s interests.

According to the report, Kourtney is not happy with the way Kim is raising North West and thinks she’s being an irresponsible mother. Kourtney is reportedly furious about how Kim left her baby after giving birth just three months ago, and how she flew more than 6000 miles away to go party and attend fashion shows. Kourtney is apparently asking Kim how she could possibly have left Nori alone so quickly, and then besieging her to act more like a mom.

You know, although the Kardashian sisters are all equally annoying in my book, Kourtney is definitely much less of a famewhore and therefore wins the round. Plus, she has somehow managed to raise Mason [Disick] in the reality circus show that is her family, and that deserves credit. Plus, everything Kourtney has said is true – Kim did leave her baby after just three months, and she did fly halfway across the world to attend fashion shows and parties. But does that make her a bad mother? I guess your answer will depend on how much you hate Kim Kardashian.

Other stories on the cover of Life & Style include Miley Cyrus supposedly dating rock royalty, Bethenny Frankel haunted by her ex-BFF, and all the secret details about Jennifer Aniston‘s past plastic surgeries. I don’t understand how there are any more secrets regarding Jennifer’s plastic surgery – don’t we know all of them by now? Nose job, nose job, check check.

What do you guys think about Kourtney insulting Kim, and the rest of Life & Style’s stories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. says

    Kim is so self centered and I blame her mother for that. She has put her on a pedestal and she expects everyone else to do the same. She feels like she has to expose her body in every picture I’ve seen. She’s more interested in fashion and worldly things. She needs to stay home and take care of her baby instead of nannies and family. Kourtney is a better example of parenting than Kim or Kris. Follow her example.

  2. Rose says

    Really she is a mom know,once you become that you need to tone it down,and if u wanna party all the time and dress like a pig keep it at home where people cant see u,but the thing about that is your full of yourself and love the drama and when people react to the way u act your so surprised,come on kim get over youself all ready,look at your sister thats how a mother is suppose to act,she goes out and dont dress or act like shes gods gift,and she is always with her kids,not nannys or any one who will watch her kids,u wanna party all the time u should of waited to have kids cause you are not ready..sorry truth hurts huh

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