Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Ready To Get Back Together – Report

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Ready To Get Back Together - Report

After everything that’s happened between them, can you imagine Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber getting back together? You thought Selena was smarter than that, didn’t you?

According to a new report, Selena has finally given in to Justin’s advances after months and months of resisting. A source explains, “Justin is going hard to get her back. They weren’t talking but he wore her down again and she’s taking his calls again. She wants to keep it strictly friends, but it’s a slippery slope on that because they have such intense chemistry, she’s just built up walls to protect herself. Justin has major game, he’s good at saying all the right things. And he’s looking hot! I’d say there’s a good chance they’ll go for another round. Of course, all her friends are hoping she’ll stay strong and keep him in the friend zone.”

However, the source also adds that Justin’s intentions aren’t completely pure, explaining, “Justin really wants Selena back for one reason, and that is to sleep with her again.”

Well, I think Selena was the first girl that Justin ever felt attached to, and ever since she dumped his ass, he’s tried his best to get over her. He stopped caring what the public thought and just went on an extended downward spiral, which eventually led to his public image getting eviscerated. And now, she’s actually taking him back? After months of not giving in to his advances, her reasons are that he’s ‘saying the right things’ and he’s looking ‘hot’? Why, because he finally managed to grow wisps of hair on his upper lip to resemble a mustache?

What do you guys think about Selena and Justin possibly getting back together? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. what da fuck says

    I don´t think so they have to get back together. She is so plastic, and he is so excentric, and for a boy of his age, there´s only one thing on his mind, hello…sex, get laid. Definily they won ment to be together, but they look great together though.

  2. Will Elaborate says

    i sure hope Selena, uses caution! Justin, has been rumored to have been with too, many prostitutes and questionable sexual practices! I hope she makes sure he’s tested! Even better yet, a beautiful, young, lady like her, can do so much better than that fop! Just move on!

  3. GhostDog says

    I guess Justin forgot to give her the Herp, before the breakup. She’ll get it for sure if they get back together.
    Sounds like these two self-obsessed clowns deserve each other.

  4. bettyboop says

    Justin Bieber needs to grow up and stop his nonsense. Causing trouble, smoking pot and heaven knows what else. Canada is ashamed of his actions so grow up little boy and act like a nice person instead of the spoiled brat you look to be.

  5. says

    i don’t think they should get back together because it will be the same bullshit over and over again she will dump him again and leave him with a broken hearth sorry to say but it will happen

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