Oprah Winfrey Caught In Blackmail Scandal That Threatens Her Reputation (PHOTO)

Oprah Winfrey Caught In Blackmail Scandal That Threatens Her Reputation

According to an exclusive from the National Enquirer, Oprah Winfrey is caught in a worldwide blackmail scandal that could threaten her reputation and everything she’s worked for all these years.

According to the report, a new lawsuit reveals that Oprah’s involved in a sex tape cover-up as well as a ‘showdown with a gun‘. I have a hard time believing that Oprah was involved in a sex tape scandal, although it’s easier to believe that she was involved in some violent incident. Oprah always tries to play the mediator, and it could have easily backfired on her, especially if it involved a weapon.

When it comes to the sex tape, it’s a little bit harder to believe that Oprah had anything to do with it, only because she’s been so publicly against them in the past. Plus, it’s Oprah freaking Winfrey. She may have some secrets, but involvement in a sex tape scandal? Unlikely. If she did really have a secret that big, it would have come out by now, one way or another.

Although most of this week’s cover of the Enquirer focuses on the alleged scandals surrounding Oprah, there’s also a feature on Paula Deen‘s split with her husband, and how he walked out after finding out about Paula’s ‘cheating shocker’. I’m sorry, but does anybody care about this? Paula’s racism scandal was actually relevant to the public discussion, so it made headlines. But after a certain point in a celebrity’s life, I think the public stops caring about their romantic endeavors, especially when that someone is Paula Deen.

What do you guys think about the sex tape and gun scandal that Oprah’s supposedly involved in? And do you care about Paula’s marriage troubles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



    • Jake says

      Why not Oprah? And why couldn’t this be a publicity stunt to get folks focused on her Own Network? She will do anything to keep herself relevant even hooking upw with Christian Bishops and famous preachers like Joel Olsteen when this New Age Guru ignored this crowd for years at the height of her fame. What will she do to keep her fame is tantamount what any addictive person will do. She seems to be hooked on fame and her own name! So just curious what she will and won’t do to stay relevant.

    • Jake says

      I remembers many years ago when Johnny Carson held up a tabloid and said this trash is not true about him divorcing one of his wives at the time, then 6 months later they were through.

    • Betty Kidd says

      Barbara is a big liar! Barbara married into the family for money! My question is: Why did Vernon have to call Barbara before entering the home? Barbara told Vernon, before he comes home he need to call first! What was up with this? Oh, I forgot, One night Vernon decided not to call home, he enters his home and there is a man sitting in kitchen along with Barbara eating fish and drinking wine. Yah… Barbara forge Vernon signature on all the check made payable to Vernon from Oprah. Vernon should have signed those papers his attorney prepared for him to put her ass in jail. Barbara moved her family in on the wealth. Debbie, her sister is a liar and theft. She too was in on this.

  1. Jake says

    Oprah will do whatever it takes to stay relevant and get folks to watch her once struggling Own Network even teaming up with a famous Bishop, T.D. Jakes at his Mega-Fest. Very Odd cause everyone knows Oprah made a very public statement that contradicted the key tenet of the Christian doctrine that all paths lead to God. Christianity is adamant that only Jesus is the way to God and now this sex tape crap?
    Everyone knows how Kim Kardashian got her jump start from a sex tape, now Oprah has something to do with a sex tape. Come on is this really a publicity stunt to help her Own ratings. Enquirer minds want to know? Oprah is like a old aging star living on her fame of yester year. Even iron wears out with age and Oprah should just go away quietly. Her Network is just so-so and many folks are just plain tired of her!

    • W.A. Sievert says

      Well guess we will see if this comment gets posted! Come on people open your eyes! Oprah is the most 2 faced, racist women in the world!!! A main reason Obama got elected, because he was black and had Oprah’s backing! Not only has Oprah managed to fool the white man but she’s even fooled her own race of African American into thinking she is a rational “non racist” women who struggled for everything she has but the truth is she moved up the ladder just like Obama by fooling people into what SHE IS NOT! Look at the money she has and the conditions of how some of her own blood lives! Sure she gives to the needy but don’t think for one minute its because she has a heart or feeling, its all for her own publicity and to make more evil money! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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