LeAnn Rimes Gets Drunk At Taiwanese Concert After Eddie Cibrian Breakup (VIDEO)

LeAnn Rimes Gets Drunk At Taiwanese Concert After Eddie Cibrian Breakup (VIDEO)

Has the golden couple [in their mind] of reality television broken up? No, I’m not talking about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. According to reports, after LeAnn and Eddie returned from their trip to Taiwan, Eddie found another place to stay in LA. Apparently, Eddie’s been trying to put up with LeAnn’s craziness for too long now, and he’s finally gotten sick of it. Even though he tried his best for the sake of their reality show, it looks like he reached the end of his patience trying.

Alas, LeAnn doesn’t seem to be taking to the news too well. In Taiwan, LeAnn performed to 4,000 audience members in an arena that seats 15,000. And if that’s not enough, I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I said LeAnn’s performances was one of the worst live performances I have EVER seen in my entire life. The video that one fan uploaded on Youtube showcases the whole mess, from LeAnn’s drunk stumbling to her slurring the words to Michael Jackson‘s Billy Jean. Basically, she was the very definition of a drunk mess. She was tone deaf, she didn’t know the words, she looked confused, and she was clearly intoxicated throughout the whole set. I feel sorry for those 4,000 people who paid money to see LeAnn perform. Actually, on second thought, if you paid money to see LeAnn perform live, you deserved what was coming to you.

Sources say that LeAnn has been drinking to cope with her relationship issues, especially now that it looks like Eddie’s finally leaving her. It’s certainly apparent in this video, and sources add that her recent behavior certainly supports that theory. We’ll have to see if LeAnn manages to convince Eddie to return, or at least continue the charade of a perfect marriage. Otherwise, we may see even more of a downward spiral from LeAnn Rimes, and prepare for it to be a lot worse than a drunken, botched musical performance.



  1. Kia Soto says:

    wow they really broke up ?

  2. Gigionthat says:

    Oh wow

  3. MrsGrapevine says:

    Please let me know when it’s confirmed and officially over. But knowing him, he will find an equally crazy woman or one that will top both of his exes.

  4. Allie says:

    I can’t take any of her drama seriously

  5. yazmar says:

    He’s cute, but I can care less if he dumped her

  6. Chales says:

    I am just boggled that Leeann thought for a second that Eddie married her because he loved her. I mean come on… Brandi is so pretty and had his children.. Come on Leeann you don’t hold a candle to Brandi’s looks.. The only thing Eddie sees in you is the money and to use your connections for his own career. If you think so little of yourself – go for it. He is going to use you up until you are nothing and then spit you out when you are all washed up.. Get a grip and get out now.

    • Sandra Dee says:

      Chales — I couldn’t agree more!! Also, he left his wife FOR her, so of course he’s doing it TO her now. It’s a shame so few take marriage seriously as it is meant to be anymore!

  7. Sandra Dee says:

    Sad thing is, IF this is true, women – and that is ALL women (PAY attention ladies!!) If a man cheats on his wife and leaves her FOR you, it’s all but guaranteed that he will also do it TO you!! WHEN will we ladies learn? I’ve never done it, but EVERY woman I know who has done this had her husband leave HER the same way that he left his wife FOR her. Any man who ends his marriage for another (women too) get the same in return. Marriage is a sacred covenant, and when broken like that, what goes around does come around, else it’s a lifetime of pain after the divorce if you leave the marriage on non-Scriptual grounds. THAT, I know about!

  8. Denise says:

    Leann performing drunk is not something new!!! We saw her 3 years ago at the county fair (we went to see Kellie Pickler and sat through Leann). Leann was drunk before she got onstage, drank from a red solo cup throughout the whole performance, and you could visibly see her get drunker and drunker right there onstage. I completely agree, that if Eddie cheated with her, he will cheat on her, but at the same time, but we don’t know if he is cheating. I’ve been married to an alcoholic and it is NO FUN! I don’t wish that on anyone!!

  9. Monica says:

    So happy to hear the news. He is so cute and she isn’t. Love him.

  10. Viv says:

    She deserves it!!! Maybe Eddie will go back to Brandi and his children and realize, Brandi wasn’t that crazy after all!!! Leanne should be feeling exactly how her first husband felt when she broke his heart!!

  11. TBz says:

    I’ll just say what I told my now EX husband:
    If they’re willing to cheat WITH you, they’re willing to cheat ON you. Cheaters gonna cheat… and it happened to him, and it’s happening to her. Ain’t Karma grand?

  12. ariesladie says:

    Seriously? He’s a narcissistic pig and a cheater and Leann took ALL the flack for that breakup and why? Because that idiots ex didn’t understand he’s a loser so why blame him let’s put it all at Leann’s door. I believe he’s ruined her career and now she has nothing more to give to him so he’s on his way to find another sugar mama…. there’s a name for a guy like that and he knows what it is. I think Leann deserves a little empathy for a change.sheesh.

    • You're wrong says:

      LeAnn kept after Eddie even when he and Brandi were in therapy trying to mend their marriage. LeAnn’s ex-husband said she continues to hurt Brandi by using her children. Brandi has been ignoring her, so recently she said her 11 year old stepson is still learning to tie his shoelaces. LeAnn is a hurtful, hate filled drunk..

  13. What goes around comes Around!

  14. ICYNDICEY says:

    HA HA! What goes around comes around BITCH!!! ANY woman who cheats with a married man…ESPECIALLY one with a pregnant wife…should know damn well that he’s going to leave her eventually as well. She deserves EVERYTHING karmically she’s gonna get.

  15. Devante says:

    Women need to take note. She has been far too needy and clingy. No man worth his salt would put up with that caper for very long. He’s obviously had enough and who could blame him!

  16. joblo says:

    Why don’t they take down these out-of-date stories?

  17. luxxxxx says:

    Don’t really care what any of them do, I just can’t stand Brandy constantly crying foul & enraged if anyone around her has any type of relationship with any of the women he cheated with. GROW UP!!! They r all adults that’s some Jr high bs

    • Guest says:

      Wow, talk about blaming the victim! What’s wrong with you? You are probably 1 of those women who cheat with married men. Disgusting

  18. Martina says:

    you dont mess with married people , she getting what she asked for . HOWs IT FEEL?

  19. Joyce says:

    I think they are just doing this junk so they can just be notice. I wouldn’t believe none of it.

  20. wundering says:

    “Actually, on second thought, if you paid money to see LeAnn perform live, you deserved what was coming to you”.
    That was unnecessarily bitchy don’t you think? If the break-up story is true aren’t you kinda kicking a gal when she’s down?

  21. Yo Kay says:

    What did she expect? She’s home wrecking whore who broke up his marriage. They both got what they deserved for crossing that line. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. It’s called karma.

    • Elaine David Lisle says:

      NO his ex Brandi did it because she was a drug taking drunk whore with a foul mouth and an abuser. Eddie just looked for another sap to latch onto. The guy is a leach and LeeAnn can do way better. He must have burned through Leeann’s cash and now is looking for his next pigeon.

  22. ally says:

    I agree with those who say if he cheats with you he will cheat on you. Leanne had no mercy on Brandy or her husband so it was bound to happen,
    . She made hit songs going after the mother of
    f eddis kids and people bought it. W
    hat u do to others does come back on you. Eddie is a cheater and a user. He did not love Leanne or he would of stood up for her when she took all the heat for the affair. I knew then he was not a real man. He didnt fight on social media though with brandi, Leanne did. She would of been more classy by saying nothing. We told her that but she ignored us all and triec
    d to defendherself . She had to work to harf
    d to keep eddie anyway.

  23. Doris says:

    Why do you think we really care about Kim and Kanye, Leanne and Eddie, Eddie and Brandi or any of the Hollywood scene.

  24. Constance says:

    Leanne and Eddie reminds me of Tori and Dean. Remember how they cheat on their spouses? Leanne will get the same fate as Tori.

  25. Ann Sullivan says:

    This story is a year old. What is the point in keeping on here!? Last time I checked, Lee Anne Rimes is a grown woman, and if she wants to drink and act like a fool, it is no one’s business but her own. When her concert and albu,m sales drop to rates lower than they are now, maybe she will reallize what she is doing and quit

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