Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities Obsessed With Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities Obsessed With Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

OK! Magazine always has regular plastic surgery cover issues, and this week’s is devoted to celebrities who are ‘obsessed’ with plastic surgery. Obviously, the #1 star at the top of the list is Kim Kardashian, who is famous for her ever-changing face. If you look at a side-by-side comparisons of her face from 2007 to now, you’ll see distinct changes in her facial features. She can pretend that she’s never had plastic surgery all she wants, but you only have to look at her to discern the truth.

Other celebrities who fall under this category include Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, and Renee Zellweger. Although I agree about Megan and Renee, I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is necessarily ‘obsessed’ with plastic surgery. She got nose jobs to fix her nose, but she’s been careful to leave the rest of her face untouched, which was a very smart decision. She hasn’t pulled a Nicole Kidman, where it’s gotten to the point where she loses roles because she can’t emote. I’m actually surprise Renee and Megan made it onto the list before Nicole, especially since Nicole is the perfect example of ‘obsession’ with plastic surgery. Megan Fox took it overboard, sure, but she’s seemed to have calmed down recently. And we saw Renee’s unnaturally wide-eyed look recently, but even that’s nothing compared to Nicole’s frozen features.

OK!’s also a few weeks behind on the Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner saga, since they’re still claiming that ‘it’s on’ between the two. Um, not anymore. Harry’s moved on to Daisy Lowe, leaving Kendall Jenner depressed and Kris Jenner furious.

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  1. says

    It’s obvious the distance between the chin and lips, the nose and lips, and the curl of the corner of the lips. Her forehead, too. She has less wrinkles now than when she was younger.

  2. cathyn518 says

    Not one of these woman looks better, they all look strange. Kate Gosselin looks like The Joker. I thing the other problem is that once you start young with this, it actually ages you as you run out of options for continual surgeries throughout the years. I have seen too many women look creepy with repeated plastic surgeries!

  3. wow says

    Even watching the latest show of Kim Kardashian it was sad she really over did the palstic surgery. Watching her freakish features.Kim smiled like the joker and she looks so different .I honestly think she will eventually start hating on Kourtny since they used to look soo much alike.Kourtney has managed to retain her Armenian looks and still looks amazing.I can’t believe how beautiful she looked before.Kim was soo beautiful before ,I bet she misses her old face.

  4. Ashley says

    I think plastic surgery is a very personal and scary proposition for most. If you have a nose job or chin implant…ok no biggie but these young woman who have had so much done in hopes of becoming more beautiful is a little over the top. If you are in your late forties that is the soonest you should even consider PS having just had…literally 8 days ago my chin implant and cheek lift i am 45 and looked 30 before my surgery but i did notice a little sagging of my cheeks which eventually pulls the skin down around the mouth. ..this was a good option for me so i will not need fillers or even a facelift anytime soon:) oh and nothing wrong with having things tightened up after having a baby guys….just shouldn’t brag about how they worked so hard with their personal trainers leaving all of the fans who believe them….”why cant i get my stomach flat again?” They should stand behind their choices:)

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