Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Plastic Surgery – See Her Changing Face (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Plastic Surgery - See Her Changing Face (PHOTO)

OK! Magazine loves Kim Kardashian plastic surgery stories so much they often recycle them at least once a month, and it’s that time of the month again. According to the latest cover issue of the magazine, Kim Kardashian is ‘obsessed’ with plastic surgery. Tell us something we don’t know.

The cover features three different images of Kim over the past decade, starting from 2006 where she actually looked normal. Her features slowly changed until 2009, where she looked like a different person with a different nose, a different chin, and different cheeks. But wait, that’s nothing compared to how different she looks now, after her post-pregnancy plastic surgery. Her lips have obviously gone through filler, her nose looks sharply contoured as do her cheeks, and her entire face looks rather frozen.

They also have before and after pictures with several celebrities who have also undergone drastic plastic surgery, including Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, and Renee Zellweger. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily lump in Jennifer Aniston with this category, considering she’s only had nose jobs and has left the rest of her face untouched. Megan and Renee can make no such claim, and their previously beautifully and natural faces have come to resemble yet another fake and plastic L.A. face.

According to an OK! exclusive interview, Kelly Clarkson reveals her desire for her family and children, explaining that she ‘wants chunky babies’. 

Also, Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles ‘are on‘, but then again, we knew that. They haven’t been quiet about hiding their relationship, whether they’re dating or just hooking up.

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  1. Jo Rawlings says

    I wish Kim & Kanye would disappear. I am sick to death of hearing anything about them. Kanye is a talentless moron that cannot even speak properly. Kim is so arrogant and narcissistic. Whoever heard of taking a selfie of your tongue. Who the hell wants to see her stupid tongue. She actually thinks she is that great. The whole family is disgusting!!!!!!!

    • says

      Well it does look like they arent going away anytime soon. So don’t live in misery because of it. Learn to coexist. We r one. If you really think it is negative why spend your energy focusing on it. Just ignore. I am more concerned about u then them. Your uncomfortable but that is your problem not theirs.

      • tif says

        Why would you say that to someone you don’t even know? You’re concerned about them. That they have a problem….it’s just a gossip blog! We’re not one, we are one of millions on the net. Lighten up already.

        • Diane FeinSTAIN says

          yes, tif. I couldn’t agree more. don’t you just love it when people come to gossip sites just to reprimand others and tell them how they need to behave. amusing.

      • kaystar34 says

        Thank you, mal. There are so many other things in the world to get all caught up with. These folks don’t know us, could care less about us, etc. Move on, people, take care of yourselves!

    • ohnoshedidnt says

      i totally agree, i wish they would cancel the show, she makes so much money off them kids and treats bruce terribly ( he never even has his Own money or credit card with asking Kris ) and then she crys shes so worried about rob but does nothing to help him with his issues or starting a carreer before he even gained weight, No wonder hes messed up he has to deal with her and all the selfish girls. like in one show i glanced at channel surfing kim goes to tailan and wow they bring some boxes of toys and clothes ” from their Line” and then she wants to kike buy that lil girl, WTF, ya cant buy everything kim, and the selfies are a disquisting thing for your daughter to see when she grows up, and did ya notice they REALLY never do anything for giving back her in usa, go around the corner in LA and open your eyes & billion dollar check books out of your $7,000 pocketbooks and go see the young teens with No futures or the homeless vets and familys sleeping in cars cause mom cant pay the rent on her minimum wage job, and wow kim your daughter norths going to be so proud of you when she sees her moms so called “haha” sex tape which you & your mom leaked for $$$$$ & fame, please can ya all go away, the sooner the better, kaynes going to end up divorcing her just wait !! I dont blame beyone to stay away from kim, kims seems to want to look like her, right after beyonce did her hair blonde immediately kim did too !! what a bunch of selfish self centered P.O.S stop watching their show so the ratings with keep dropping !!!

    • diane hart says

      Kim is a very spoiled brat and Kanye is a thug. I am sick of them too. How many award shows has he disturbed? He is a very talented man and I wish them some needed quiet time to get over themselves. I blame that crazy mother Kris.

      • Susie says

        He has Disrespected so many peoples during award shows. The show is a Disgrace for showing a Controlling Kris Jenner with Her spoiled drunk kids. BJ kids on other hand have Much More class that KJ kids. Kris IS A Evil stepmom. Help the Homeless U selfish beings-helps Vets etc. u give a few boxes of Used clothing to show compassion? I do not believe Any one of them knows the true meaning of Compassion nor Cariing for anyone other than themselves. Just like Tori Spelling reality shows they all hv in common making money off kids-with their horrible messed up Story Telling Gone BAD, disgusting beings!!

    • says

      Thank you and recently Kanye said that Kim deserved to be on the cover of Vogue. I think not. That is a spot reserved for women of substance and ability. Two qualities she lacks. I am tired of hearing and seeing someone who is in a spotlight they don’t deserve because she hasn’t made a significant contribution in acting singing or modeling. I too wish she would fade away

  2. says

    These people think they are perfect and get worse each time.
    I feel so sorry for Bruce Jenner after he helped Kris raise these spoiled brats
    and he now lives apart! Smart move Bruce!

  3. Bluesy says

    ‘Left her face untouched?’ Aniston?! BAHAHAHA!!! Uh, it’s on good authority that along with 3-4 nose jobs, that Chinnifer Anuston has had a major jaw realignment, jaw shaving, she uses restylane around her mouth and lips, silicone and injectables in her cheeks, plus she’s had hairline surgery to move her hairline back (low forehead), and says she’s addicted to lasers. Refund for her.

    • therealbrow says

      yes , him too ..
      ugly with a big ol’ p’unkin head ..
      photoshopped to the eye teeth to make him appear taller than the 5 ft. hobbit he really is …lol

  4. billbaboots says

    She may look “normal” in 2006, but she’s damn ugly, and you know it. That is why she is obsessed with her looks. he remembers being ugly.

  5. therealbrow says

    she’s ugly …like a witch without the filters …
    shortest legs on earth ..
    without photoslop & stilts , her big dirty diaper butt is a few inches from the ground …
    nasty …

    • KAIE says


  6. says

    Kanye calls her the most beautiful woman; that’s because she ‘Completely’ changed her Face and Body: lip implants to bring down/lower her upper lip, breasts & butt implants, hair removal (her hairline, forehead) is drastically raised; she had a Teresa Guidice forehead… She might be wealthy, but seriously insecure about herself. She wiped out all of her heritage – and she says she’s proud of being Armanian(?)…Not !! and very sad…

  7. Neithhotep says

    I’ve seen many faces of Kim Kardashian, and not one of them have been in the realm of attractive.

    Her and the other sister that’s not Khloe both sound dead on the inside. Like, when they talk, they just sound so BORED with everything.

    I guess when your Plastic Surgery Punch Card hits the upper 20’s, you get a free lobotomy.


    Up above in the comments Diane Hart says that Kanye “is a very talented man”? Do you listen to his music Diane? Do you listen to the lyrics? Because if you do, then you must be easily entertained. Not only can he not hold a note, he writes lyrics simply for the rhyming effect even if it makes absolutely no sense, which applies to most of his songs. They don’t have any substance. He’s only sang one song without Autotune and he sounds horrible. His only saving grace is the fact that he owns a studio and can produce for other up-and-coming hip hop artists and rappers. He has been infatuated with Kim since the first moment he saw her and obviously he took every step necessary to get with her. But just because something is pleasing to the eye does not mean that you can tolerate it day after day after day when there’s so much that she may be doing or saying that takes away from his pretty picture. I’m sure that she was attracted to his “fame” as well as his wallet. I sincerely doubt that his looks are what drew her to him. This is simply a case of eye candy that looks so sweet… is actually so sour. Let’s hope that the bad taste stays in their mouths for a while.

  9. auda says

    Guess they are living their best as cave women of the 21st century..Do they have anything intelligent to say or discuss besides about themselves and their selfies??Just about their bodies exposures,black men and sex.Wasting their time on this earth with their such small horizon.l

  10. cindy says

    I understand most of everyone’s comments, however to all the people who left negative comments about hating her, I just am wondering why you are even reading gossip pages about her. If you don’t like something, then don’t watch her show, and don’t go to her websites, it is just that simple. I have several actors that I do not like so I just don’t watch their show, or go to any movies starring them. My tv remote has this unique feature, it changes channels and turns the tv on and off by just pressing a button! Every time you watch her show or read her gossip and comment on it that is time you will never get back that you could have done something fun or relaxing, instead you get yourself all wound up and angry. I read their gossip and watch their shows because I find them amusing and am glad I am not related to them!


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