Has Nathan Lane Joined the Cast of Duck Dynasty ?!?!

duck dynasty
Nathan Lane is a talented and well established actor among the Hollywood set. The amount of respect he’s gotten for  being in the business for over 20 years is unimaginable. And that’s why  it’s hard to  imagine he would ever want to be a part of ‘Duck Dynasty’ because frankly it wouldn’t make sense on so many levels.   Hollywood and Swine are claiming the actor will be joining the new season of the hit reality show in order for the network, A&E, to win back some of their lost viewership.   Namely the LGBT community that were deeply offended by Phil Robertson‘s homophobic slurs. Speaking of Phil – Hollywood Swine is also claiming that he credits “homosexuals” for helping build up his business.

“I started my company 25 years ago to make whistles that closeted gay men could use to signal other gay men in public parks,” Robertson said.  “However, it turned out that the only thing they attracted was ducks, so I focused on just making duck calls and the rest is history”

This story is so fake that anyone could see its actually pleather. For one, the network wouldn’t go out and hire an actor for a supposed reality show. Not just any reality show either. ‘Duck Dynasty’ was built around the Robertson family which unless Nathan got adopted, without the world media knowing, would make it impossible for him to be on the show. Not to mention that article went on to imply the network almost cast John Travolta. That really is the final straw!

No network in their right mind would accuse John Travolta of being on the down low!



  1. DD says:

    I just don’t understand this show.

  2. Robyn says:

    What a ridiculous rumor!

  3. Jody says:

    This is so not true!

  4. BusyBee says:

    HAHA that would be hilarious though

  5. Jocelyn says:

    I love this show!

  6. MHU says:

    I wonder how long they’re stay with A&E

  7. DD says:

    I hope this show is canceled soon.

  8. Gigionthat says:

    don’t like

  9. Jen says:

    I need to get into watching this show!

  10. Allie says:

    I’m not believing this one bit

  11. Janelle says:

    Silly rumor, it would insult the intelligence of the show’s fan base

  12. DD says:

    They going to be cancelling this show yet?

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