Is Soap Opera Actor Michael Muhney Willing to Give Up His Career For Politics? – Not With His Numerous Scandals!

Is Soap Opera Actor Michael Muhney Willing to Give Up His Career For Politics? - Not With His Numerous Scandals!

Sometimes you really have to wonder where on earth do so of these rumors come from. Now Hollywood Swine is reporting that former soap opera star, Michael Muhney, has decided that no he’s not going to fight his dismissal from ‘Young and the Restless’ anymore. According to them he’s moved on and wants to go into politics. As in he’s running for mayor of San Diego! Are you kidding me? This is the same man being accused of groping several of his co-stars. Both past and present. Who in their right mind would run for office underneath that particular black cloud?

No, this story has to be false, people leave office because of scandal. Not the other way around! The simple fact  is Michael was fired. No one knows if his former co-star Hunter King was telling the truth about her onstage sexual harassment and no one knows if Michael was merely pushed out. Everything at this stage is hearsay, but as of yet the fans don’t want to let Michael go. In the end these people matter and, you never know, they could possibly get Michael his job back.

As for these rumors. We don’t know why they were started and no one should care. Until the actor announces his next move then there will be plenty of speculation and innuendo going on. For his fans; you have my sympathy. We all know how hard it is to let go of your favorite character, but keep fighting the good fight.



  1. Gigionthat says:

    Damn he’s serious

  2. DD says:

    He sounds like he is ready!

  3. Jen says:

    Look, Arnie did it so why can’t a soap actor?

  4. Twana Tells says:

    It looks like he’s following in the footsteps of arnold schwarzenegger

  5. Kia Soto says:

    Yes he is….well congrats but will people take him serious?

  6. Jocelyn says:

    OMG I hate soap operas.

  7. MHU says:

    Seriously – do you know anyone who watches soap operas still?

  8. DD says:

    I can’t stand soap operas either.

  9. The guys damaged goods. He better find work soon if he knows what’s good for him.

  10. DD says:

    Good luck with that!

  11. Fred says:

    It’s a joke people click on the link. It’s comedians writing a joke article.

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