Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant Got Turned Away From A Club – The Bouncer Thought She Was Being Inappropriate!

Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant Got Turned Away From A Club - The  Bouncer Thought She Was Being Inappropriate!

There is a club that Kendra Wilkinson simply can’t get into. The reality star was trying to getting into one of those Sundance Film Festival parties and ended up getting shut down at the door. It probably didn’t help her case that she tried to jump past the line and was 5 months pregnant to boot. The bouncer allegedly told her “that they were at capacity and not letting anyone in — not even anyone pregnant.”

Usually Kendra meets with a more preferable answer when she shows up uninvited at the club or anywhere as a matter of fact. She is after all a former playboy model although her charms just couldn’t work for her this time. Not only did she not have any film at the festival, but its highly doubtable anyone ever invited her. So someone really must tell this woman that she can’t keep relying on her looks.

Kendra is beautiful woman and has a great sense of humor. Yet none of that means much when your on the D-list! She is a low grade reality with no chance of becoming like the Kardashians. No one even know when her show comes on. Is it on or was it cancelled?



  1. Jody says:

    Kendra Wilkinson looks douchy, does not surprise me.

  2. Robyn says:

    I have never liked her she seems like such a phoney so it does not surprise me that she thinks she is all that an d a bag of chips.

  3. Danity says:

    Why would they do that? A liability?

  4. Heidi says:

    I like Kendra…… She is who she is & doesn’t pretend to be otherwise…..

  5. dai coneray says:

    kendra was never a playboy model people! she met hugh hefner at one of his parties and thats how she got involved with him,(hugh)

  6. davethedog says:

    Kendra was funny and a breath of fresh air on The Girls Next Door. But she doesn’t have what it takes to carry her own show. Hopefully she saved some of the $$$ she has made off her looks/body and can parlay her D-list name recognition into a successful business of some kind.

    And she did appear nude in Playboy, at least 2 different times. Which makes her a Playboy model as well.

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