Justin Bieber Caught Partying With His Dad Hours After His DUI Arrest!

Justin Bieber Caught Partying With His Dad Hours After His DUI Arrest!

Back to boozing like nothing ever happened – Justin Bieber was pictured sharing a couple of beers with dear old dad, Jeremy Bieber, at a rental house hours after his DUI arrest! I’m not even surprised. I merely want to know why he always chooses to party in suburbia?  If anyone is still wondering why Justin is refusing to go to rehab then look no further than Jeremy. The DailyMail were the first to report Justin was offered the opportunity to return home.  A private plane allegedly waited for him all day in Miami, but the singer refused to make use of it. He most likely knew the moment he touched down in LA that his manager would urge him to go to rehab. So the singer ignored the plane and continued partying with his dad.

Jeremy could have talked to his son and yet it appears he’d prefered to enable him. When several media outlets began to call the father out on his behavior; the father of three took to twitter to write “Love @justinbieber @JazmynBieber @JaxonBieber #reallife”. It’s always nice when a father shows his love to his children but a tweet isn’t going to make anyone forget  he’s only using one of them to recapture his youth.

Justin’s parents were teenagers when he was born. Sometimes this makes the parents grow up faster than normal and other times the parents seem to think they were robbed! Here’s to the latter: GET OVER IT!



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