Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best Sued For Sexually Harassing MEN: Gay, Straight or Metrosexual?

Chrisley Knows Best - Season 1

USA Network’s new reality series Chrisley Knows Best has taken the entertainment world by storm. Fans and critics alike are intrigued by the wacky and controversial Chrisley family’s antics. And, it turns out Chrisley family patriarch Todd Chrisley is just as controversial in real life as he is on the reality TV show. There are court documents to prove it!

So, is Todd Chrisley gay or straight? The jury is still out on that. Todd is married to a woman and has four children, and refers to himself as a metrosexual. America isn’t buying it though. And, for good reason, according to court documents from Chrisley’s 2010 sexual harassment case involving his employees- he likes to sexually harass men AND women.

Radar Online obtained court documents from the sexual harassment charges that were filed against Todd Chrisley, and apparently Todd likes to harass men as much as he does women. In 2009 Chrisley was sued by a group of his female employees for sexual harassment, and the case was later settled. However, in 2010 a group of male employees also went after Chrisley and claimed they were harassed by him as well. According to court documents Todd discussed his penis size with the employees on several different occasions, and he even invited two men to join him in the bathroom and “jerk off” with him. That does not sound like the comments of a straight man!

Have you watched the new reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best on USA? Are you surprised that Todd Chrisley was sexually harassing men?



  1. KayStar says

    Not surprised at all after seeing the first two installments. Todd is a mess and a half! I love, love that show, but Todd, keep it legal, okay? No more harassment charges!

  2. Taylor says

    Oh please he is in no way interested in women. He probably harassed the women to make it seem like he is not completely GAY. Come on people. Even gay men know this guy is completely gay. A guy was just talking about how he lived in Atlanta for 9 years & this is not uncommon to have a “beard” (fake wife) plus children. If Todd Chrisley is not gay then Santa Claus & the tooth fairy are real. Not buying what he is selling.

    Todd is funny/entertaining & his children seem lovely. His wife…. I mean BEARD is sweet as pie but seems like his mommy.

    It’s funny how they call this “reality” TV when there is no reality in sight on this show.

  3. Larry Poke says

    This show is just another in a long, too long, series of really BAD television. Even deeper is that fact that America has lost its taste in entertainment, preferring mindless, nearly moronic, and ultimately boring and predictable displays of unbelievable episodes involving idiots and misfits. The really pathetic part is that the public believes claims that these shows are “wildly popular”. That says an awful lot about the people who are entertained by this garbage.

  4. Buckeye says

    Um he has five kids not four: Lindsey, Kyle, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.
    This might sound odd but I don’t see Todd as gay. I believe we shouldn’t put people in boxes or put labels on them just because of their interest or how they act. It like ya’ll saying you can be who you are without be called something, label or put into a category/box.

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